A/N: I realized that some people viewed my essay as very cold and uncaring. I'm sorry that you misunderstood me, but I would have rather you reviewed it, (or really flamed it), instead of sending me insulting e- mails. These are my opinions, not facts so please get over it.

"Today we're going to have a group discussion on 9/11 so put your stuff under your desks." I rolled my eyes and my books under my desk and slouched back down in the seat. She wants us to discuss it the day AFTER. Get with it Miss Volpe. I had heard enough after it because it was my brother's birthday. I didn't need anymore reminding.
Since it was an honors course, everyone had something to say about it. I pulled out a stick of gum chewing on it slowly, while watching the clock tick by second after second. I saw a girl next to me raise her hand. She was normally quiet, and never had much to say so I perked up my ears.

"Yes Emily?" said Miss Volpe in her sticky sweet voice. Emily looked around shyly, and then said, "I was just thinking about how everyone after 9/11 they were waving their newly bought flags and shouting 'God Bless America! God Bless America!' But then if you think about it, why bless it?"

Everyone turned towards her, including me. She didn't expect this much attention, but Emily was determined to go on. "Well, they say things about take 'God' out of the Pledge of Allegiance just because one person didn't believe in Him. They are criticizing God so much that I think He shouldn't have a right to bless it." Miss Volpe just stared at her for a moment before she moved on too the next hand. I slumped back in my seat, pondering the loyalty of Americans.

That was the comment that stirred something inside of me. Not only was it the truth, but it was just tossed to the side because me teacher didn't want to deal with it. This mad me angry.
I agree with my classmate, Emily and I wish I didn't. I remember the time when the two planes hit those towers, and everyone thought the world would end. I remember the Pentagon and the plane that hit the field in PA. But like everyone else, I remember only on the anniversary, and think of it no more. For that one day, everyone that believes in God wants to 'Bless America." Well if you look at all the crap we give him, do you really think he WANTS to?
Sometimes I think people think He is just there for our convenience. It's like we don't owe Him anything when really we owe him our lives. All the times we disregard Him, all the times we loose faith, all the times that we disobey Him, we think "Oh, we need Him now, so let's pray."
Most of you who know me know that I am no usually blunt. Well I'm going to be blunt. This is a load of bullshit.
I am a Christian and not afraid to admit it. I am also not afraid to admit that I am not sure about my faith. But at least I don't go around saying that I want God to bless America, when my faith is not secure enough. I don't like to be a hypocrite, and I don't like anybody that is one.
Don't get me wrong that I don't support our troops either. They are out there risking their lives for nothing. They keep on making 'mistakes' and more of our soldiers die, leaving loved ones behind.

I'm not saying that God shouldn't bless the families whose relatives died that disastrous day. They had every right to live, and some one took it from them because they didn't like our nation. Truth is, I probably wouldn't either. I'm not Anti-American, because I do think justice should be served, but I don't think we are going about it in the right manner. I used to say I was proud to be an American, but now I'm not so sure.

Patriotism is not what it used to be and neither is the faith of the Christians. Not many people see it, but I do. If we do not shape up in the eyes of God, there isn't going to be anything to bless. If there is anything left for Him to bless, bless the lives that are taken from this horrendous war and an attack that should have never happened in the first place.

God Bless America? God Bless. what?