Princess Of Pirates: Chapter One

Selisse leaned forward to get a better look at the approaching ship. That was the one they were after the one with the supposedly handsome prince. Yes she was one to go off in search of a pretty face but then so would nearly any young woman her age. She first heard that the prince was to be sailing from the mainland to the Island of Ladies, where the most illustrious school for ladies was located just off shore. Why anyone would want to go there was beyond her but she didn't really care because that meant she could get herself a look at the supposedly drop dead gorgeous prince she kept hearing about from her best friend Cecile.

The ship kept coming closer and closer within range and Selisse became more and more excited about the new adventure. Not the fighting or anything, none of that was new and no one was any good with a sword these days. What a horrible time to be a pirate, when no one could put up a decent fight.

The ship looked slightly familiar as the space between the two boats closed but Selisse didn't pay much attention to that, they were getting closer. She began to see the sailors on the deck watching, waiting, as they got even closer.

Swiftly the boats were directed so that they were side by side. Selisse saw the fear in the sailors' eyes that was always there but she wasn't worried about them, where was that prince?

She looked up and saw the captain behind the wheel. Now she knew why the ship looked familiar, this was Captain Brit's ship. She waved up to him and he smiled and waved back.

"Get your backsides back into action men this ship still needs men to sail it. And stop staring at the lad it's impolite!" Brit called down to the men. He waved Selisse to come aboard and she quickly jumped up and over to his ship.

She calmly walked past several ogling young sailors and up to where Brit was.

"Well Captain Brit we meet again I see. And how has your business been treating you?"

"Fair but not as exciting as I'm sure yours is." He smiled warmly at the younger lady before him.

"I hear you have a prince on this ship. Is this true?"

"I knew there was another reason for this visit! Why do you not ever come just to visit me?" he spoke in mock anger but they both quickly dissolved that anger into laughing.

"I will someday don't worry. Now where is the prince?"

"Well if you must know. His advisor advised that he lock himself in his room until we had passed you. So last I heard he was locked in his room waiting until further notice."

"Thank you Captain now if you'll excuse me."

"Yes no hurry up and go before Marcus notices your ship sitting right next to mine." He waved her off and watched her bound down to the deck and towards the prince's rooms.

"One day child you will meet your match. Until then have your fun while you still can."

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