Princess of Pirates: Chapter 40

"Getting used to riding aren't you?" Anni said noticing that Will was not longer as fidgety on top of the horse.

"Yes I think I am, when I get home I'd like to continue exercising like this." Will commented. Harris snorted and Anni patted him to try and keep him calm.

They were heading back now after their few days of bliss. Will put his reigns in one hand and held out his other to Anni who took it in hers.

"I love you." He told her giving her hand a squeeze. Anni just smiled and looked forward. They had spent every night together in passion, and every other moment together either talking or just simply holding each other. Anni felt very differently towards Willam now and she knew what her decision was about their marriage.

"Will? About your question."


"I've decided that I will go home with you. And that perhaps I was wrong in judging you earlier. I love you Willam and I want to be your wife." She told him looking deep into his eyes.

"You will? Oh joyous day! I'm so happy!" Will exclaimed. He would have kissed her but for the fact that if he tried he would probably fall off his horse. But he didn't have to wait long because they could now see the hill where Anni's mansion was. There were a few fields being plowed outside the village and the farmers saw the riders as dropped their plows to wave their hats for Anni's return. She in turn waved back and shouted her greetings to them.

When they reached the main road a crowd gathered around them and they were forced to unlock their hands so that they could take charge or their horses. Little boys and girls brought apples and carrots for the horses and Harris basked in the attention he was receiving. He even nudged at the children to try and get more treats out of them.

"Come on Willam, let's go find my brother." Anni said as they made their way up the road. The crowd stayed back but waved them up the path till they were out of sight.


"You're going with him?" Mikal asked his sister. She nodded then looked up at Willam who had his arms around her from behind.

"Wonderful!" he said jumping for joy. "We leave in two days time so start getting ready." He told the couple. So, still attached, they left the room and headed out. Mikal was ecstatic that his plan had worked so he finished packing his things and went to find Tim to tell him the good news.

"As much as it is great." Tim told Mikal, "Anni can tire of men very easily even though she may claim to love them to death. Let's just hope that either this time she really means it or she gets married before she gets tired of our dear prince."

"You're right; well I guess we'll just have to hope for the best won't we?"

"Yes we shall."


A/N: short I'm so sorry! But it's a transition chapter and the next chapter will be longer and have a lot more stuff happening. I really need to edit this story cause it's killing me to read my own stuff it's getting so bad. Please forgive me I still have writer's block on this story and that's why I put out such awful awful chapters. I will try and get over it quickly though, but no promises on how long it's going to take.