A/N: Hello! Readers! This is my first time writing a horror spooky story thingy. I promise it will be very cool. But it will be also kinda short but I hope you enjoy. (Some of the ideas I got from my friend Amanda's story, to give her credit and all.)

The Main character in the story and descriptions:

Bobbi Vallen- a 16- year old girl, a senior in high school (birthday hasn't come yet), her eyes are lilac and she has long light brown hair, with a tomboyish look. Can drive well. She likes guys and having a lot of laughs. Doesn't frighten easily.

Tessa Jebly- a friend of Bobbi, also 16 and a senior. She has light blue eyes and short brown hair with red tips. She loves wearing black and hanging with her friends. She gets frightened easily, but is fine with Bobbi around.

Ella McGormac- the prep girl, not associated with Bobbi and Tessa, Ella has a boyfriend (poor guy), she's bossy, wears mini skirts, has green eyes and blonde hair, just turned 17, cant drive that good, (failed exams three times, [haha]), is frightened when in scary situations.

Jake R. Tomison Jr.- Ella jerky boyfriend, has spiked blonde hair and blue eyes, thinks he is the coolest guy in the world, but is the worst scaredy cat ever in the history of Eastview High. You don't care what he wears. He's 17.

Josh Norman- Bobbi and Tessa's good guy friend. He has a slight crush on Bobbi, but no one know about it except his best friend Brendan (BJ), he's older than Bobbi by three days, and he's 16 also. He has like lime green eyes and very light messy curly brown hair. Like Bobbi he loves to laugh and isn't scared easily.

Brendan (BJ) Jordan- He's Josh's best friend, loves to play pranks on people but can keep a secret. He has red hair and has hazel eyes. His clothes are baggie, so he falls down a lot but turns the whole thing into something hilarious.

Other characters: April + Amy- Bobbi, Tessa, Josh, and Brendan's friends; who are twins.

Chris and Matt- Bobbi, Tessa, Josh, and Brendan's friends.

Justin, Jessica, Rebecca, Eric, Ashley- Jake's and Ella's friends.

Chapter Ichi (1)

It's another Wednesday morning at Eastview High School. A cool fall breeze blowing across the mowed grass, covered in fallen leaves. Students running about and goofing off. Chasing each other, tripping over roots of the over grown oak trees in front of the school.

Bobbi Vallen and Tessa Jebly come off of their bus and inhale the atmosphere of learning. Following behind them is Josh Norman and his best friend BJ. BJ swings his backpack over his shoulder after having to pull up his pants because they were sagging.

Tessa turned around and laughed at BJ while he fixed his pants. "Are you sure you don't need a belt BJ, I could lend you one!" she said to him, giggling.

"Nope, I'm good Tessa, thanks for the offer though." He replied.

April and Amy ran up to them with big smiles on their faces. Almost dropping their books from stopping so abruptly. "Oh my gosh, you guys wont believe this." They both said in unison.

"Well if you weren't so cheery, maybe you would tell us!" said BJ.

April and Amy's smiles disappeared. "Well anyway, like we were trying to say," started Amy, " We heard Ella McGormac failed her driving exams for like the fourth time!"

"That's not big of a change!" Josh said.

"We're not finished yet, There's gonna be a Halloween costume party at Jake Tomison's house on the 31st. Do you guys wanna go?" said April jumping up and down excitedly.

Chris and Matt come up to the forming group that is in front of the basketball court.

"Hey chicks and roosters! What's going on?" said Chris.

"Chicks and Roosters? What are you talking about? Do you live on a farm or something?" said Bobbi rolling her eyes.

"You're in the rooster category though Bobbi!" he replied. Bobbi punched him in the shoulder.

"Just because I dress like a guy doesn't mean you treat me like one!" Bobbi said.

"Ow, alright, alright!" he whimpered.

Bobbi muttered to herself, "You big baby; jerk!" Chris and Matt stand over by Josh and BJ who are leaning on the bike rails.

"I'll never understand her." Said Chris.

"I guess I'm the only one who does besides Tessa." Said Josh crossing his arms across his chest.

"Yeah that's because you've known her all your lives and you gotta crush on her!" said BJ nudging Josh's shoulder.

"Shhh! She could hear you." Josh said.

Matt and Chris looked at Josh. "You have a crush on the tomboy, Josh?" asked Matt.

Josh started to blush but didn't let it show. "Yeah, so what if I do?"

Chris and Matt shake their heads, "Nothing!" they both say.

The school bell rings and the students file into the halls of the school. Flooding to lockers and classrooms. Some of the senior class filled an English room and waited for the next bell to ring. Which instructed the start of the vigorous school day.

Bobbi took a seat in the back. Josh sat at the desk next to her, and Tessa was at her other side. Their teacher came in and sat at her desk. The bell sounded and the teacher rose from her seat.

"Good morning class, Today we will be taking a break from our usual English lessons and we will discuss the legends and truths about, The House on Haunted Hill." She said.

The class cheered with excitement. One of the students raised their hand.

"Yes, Miss. Willows." Said the teacher.

"Mrs. Valencia, is that the house that people die in, or they go in and never return out?" asked a girl named Karly.

"Yes indeed it is, Miss Willows. It's the Haunted House that is on Hewlett Drive." Mrs. Valencia answers. "Are there anymore questions before we get started . . . no . . . very well then, let's begin"

Mrs. Valencia turns to the board and scribbles words on it. She turns back to her class with her half moon shaped glasses on the end of her nose. "Anyone have any stories to tell on this subject." She asked.

Ella stood up. "I heard that you could be sleeping in the night at the house and wake up in a tub of ice with your kidney's taken out!" she stated.

Bobbi stood up, to share her opinion. "Actually Ella those are just urban legends, told by elders to scare kids away. But at that house on Haunted Hill, terrible things happen." Bobbi paused to let the class shiver, for the story she is about to tell.

"The first thing that happens is the doors lock by themselves, the window shades fall making the whole house, complete darkness. While everyone is running around and screaming for their lives, you crash and smash everything in front of you. Running into your friends and walls, spider webs, or even bones."

The class gasped. All except Josh, he knows she just joking, but people would believe anything about that house.

She continued, "During the first night, if you live that long, Shrieks of pain, run through the walls, A slicing sound, like a large axe, comes from inside. While you are running around trying to find your friends you realize one is missing. You are afraid, running through every room looking for them. Then you find them, with their head cut off and their body sprawled over the floor, blood puddles around the room and splashes of it on the walls. Then you notice the large axe slammed into the wall, blood all over it---"

The teacher cut off Bobbi. "That's enough Bobbi, you've made your point, now please sit down."

Bobbi took her seat. She glanced over at Josh. They shot out a laugh. Bobbi turned to Tessa, who was covering her head. Bobbi touched her shoulder. Tessa shot up and looked at Bobbi. "I was making the whole thing up you know Tess," said Bobbi.

"Yeah I knew that Bobbi!" Tessa lied.

The second period bell rang. The class dismissed. Tessa joined up with Amy and April, they were going to Art. Josh, BJ, Chris, Matt, and Bobbi headed off to Gym.

"That was a great story, Bobbi, the best I've heard so far." Said Josh. Bobbi laughed.

"So many people believe me, it's great, Mwahaha!" laughed Bobbi grinning and spinning around.

The five of them went to gym, while Tessa and the twins went to art.

"I hate it when Bobbi does stories like that, I know she's always joking, but I always take her seriously." complains Tessa to Amy and April.

"She does get carried away a lot, she makes me think it's true most of the time." April says.

The girls walk into the classroom. The bell rings for second period to start.

During gym the group played a game of basketball. Josh, BJ, and Bobbi were on a team against Chris, Matt, and another kid from their class.

The bell sounded for the end of the period and the headed to the locker rooms.

"Man!" complained Matt, "Why cant we ever beat that girl, she's to good I'm telling you!"

"It's alright Matt, you'll get used to her beating you!" said BJ, tapping Matt's shoulder.

"I'm on her team next time!" said Chris. They laughed.

Third period was Child growth and development, the class they all hated. Fourth was Japanese 4. Fifth: Guitar. Sixth: Lunch. And finally seventh: TV Production.

It's two days before Halloween, which was that Friday. It was also Jake Tomison's party. Jake is Ella's boyfriend who thinks he's so cool. Ella just adores him. He's the captain of the school's basketball team. He hangs out with his jockey friends. Erik and Justin, both complete idiots and are exactly like Jake. Thinking they are girl pleasers.

It's the end of the day. School is only a half-day tomorrow so people can prepare for Halloween on Friday. Bobbi, Tessa, Josh and BJ get on their bus and the get dropped off at their stop.

"So are we going to Jake's party, Friday?" asked Tessa turning to them.

"I don't know, what do you guys want to do?" replied Bobbi. The guys shrugged and said they didn't care.

"Good I guess we are going then!" says Tessa excitedly. Bobbi looks at Josh and shakes her head.

Tessa left for her house across the street. The three of them started walking down the sidewalk.

They were about 3 houses down the sidewalk when BJ said good-bye and walked to his house. Josh and Bobbi lived next door to each other about 2 houses down from BJ.

They reached Bobbi's house. "So I'll see you tomorrow then" Bobbi said to Josh. He turned to face here. Josh is only 2 inches taller then her, but he stares into her eyes.

"Yeah, I guess so ---" he says. She starts to walk off but he grabs her arm. "Bobbi ---"

"Yes Josh!" she said.

"Um --- Nevermind, it's not important!"

"Ok, see you tomorrow, bye Josh." Josh watches her as she enters her house. She waves to him and closes the door. Josh walks to his house thinking to himself. "Why didn't I tell her? I feel like I can't tell her things like I used to. It's frustrating!"

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