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Chapter Roku (6)

" 911 dispatch, what's your situation?"

"Hello?! We're trapped in a house and someone has been murdered we need the police right a--."

"Hello? Is anyone there? Hello? 911 dispatch?!"

"Hello! Hey! Can you hear me? He—."

The dial tone sounds.

"Damn it!" Ella says slamming her cell phone on the side table.

"I told you it wouldn't work Ella! But nope, no one listens to me. I'm just some worthless life form here trapped in a house with idiots and a dead per--."

"BJ shut up!" Bobbi and Tessa yell.

"Okay, okay geez! Lighten up!"

Ella suddenly gets annoyed and starts yelling in BJ's face. "Lighten up! My friend has just been murdered and we are still frickin' trapped in here! We should be going home! What will I tell Rebecca's parents! "I'm sorry your daughter died in a haunted house due to a stupid bet!" she panicked. She stops talking and bursts into tears. Jake hugs her tightly.

BJ starts talking again, "Oh yeah and we have to tell Justin his girl is dead so he can start banging Jessica now!!"

"You bastard!" Jake punches BJ right in the jaw. BJ crashes onto the floor then sits up and holds his jaw.

"Ow! Now that was uncalled for!"

"No one talks about my friends that way!" Jake backs off.

BJ stands up. "You should take your own ideas into your own head. You aren't to nice to my friends either!"

Jake snorts and walks off. Ella follows him.

"Brilliant BJ. You always have to start a ruckus!"

"Aww Tess!" BJ says suddenly brokenhearted.

Today was the second day in the haunted house. Everyone still thought they were getting out today. Bobbi didn't think they were. She thinks there is more to this place than her stories and the past events. Ella was still flipping out over Rebecca's death. BJ was aggravating everybody, even Tessa.

"So are we getting outta here or what?" Eric asked. Everyone shrugged. "Yeah that was really helpful."

" I think it's getting darker outside. Did anyone check the weather before we got here? This looks to be a bad storm." Josh said peering through the shades.

"Great, watch us get electrocuted or something." BJ said.

"Don't jinx it BJ!" Tessa said.

Thunder rumbled in the distance. Josh jumped back from the window when lightning flashed. "Whoah, that was close," he said, " Looks like we're in for a rough day."

The rain started to pour, heavily. Eric left the room and went toward his own. The leftover four, Josh, Tessa, BJ, and Bobbi stayed in the living room; they sat down on the couches and sighed. Bobbi had sat next to Josh and BJ next to Tessa on opposite couches. Checking to see if anyone was watching Josh slipped his hand into Bobbi's. She looked up at him and smiled. BJ saw them and cleared his throat. Josh released her hand and glared at him. BJ stared up at the ceiling and pretended not to notice.

Thunder clapped again making Tessa jump in her seat. Thunder came again and she grabbed onto BJ's hand. They glanced at each other for a second, she let go, and they turned away from each other. Josh and Bobbi giggled softly after seeing them. "Shut up you two." BJ said to them. Bobbi rolled her eyes.

A few hours had past, but the storm worsened. Lightning flashed every few second followed by the loud clap of thunder. Tessa jumped each time. She really hated thunderstorms. Tessa sat with her arms wrapped around BJ. He shifted a little each time she jumped hoping she would loosen her grip on him. Bobbi sat with her legs lying straight in front of her as her head rested on Josh's shoulder. His head rested on top of hers.

Lighting struck against the house, making it shake. The lights that didn't work before started flickering uncontrollably. "What the heck it going on?" BJ said yelling, at what it seemed to be, the house.

"The house just got hit. I'm gonna go check on the others." Bobbi said standing up.

Just as she started to walk away someone let out a scream. She immediately looked at Tessa. "It wasn't me." She said.

Another scream let out that sent Bobbi running. Josh got up and followed her. Bobbi ran up the stairs and rounded a corner, nearly tripping over Ella, who was crouched against the wall. "Oh my god Ella. What happened? Did you scream?" Bobbi asked her placing her hand on her shoulder.

Ella nodded. "The lightning struck through the house and…. And…. And it hit…"

Lightning flashed again and zapped through the house. This time a different scream was heard. A man's scream. "Oh my god." Josh whispered. Bobbi and Ella looked up and down the hall. Limping along the hall was Eric, burnt to a crisp and bleeding. He was moaning loudly and shrieking.

Bobbi and Ella face turned to fear and horror of the creature that Eric had become. Josh stepped forward to try to help him, but he stopped in his tracks. They could see smoke sizzling from his flesh. They watched his eyes roll back in his head and he fell forward, collapsing onto the floor near Josh.

They were speechless. BJ and Tessa came running up the stairs and gasped once they saw Eric's body. "Hey where's Jake?" BJ asked.

They all looked around them, then at Ella. "He's in the room, unconscious. A piece of ceiling fell on him and knocked him out."

Everyone took a silent sigh. "What…what do we do about Eric?" Tessa nervously asked.

"Wait for him to cool off." BJ joked. Bobbi turned and whacked him in the shin with her fist. He let out a whine.

"Well we can't just leave him there." Tessa said.

" Or we could just leave him there." BJ offered. Tessa whacked him this time. He put up his hands in defense.

"Put a sheet over him, like Rebecca." Josh suggested.

"He was electrocuted, he's still sizzling, and it'll probably burn it." Ella answered.

Everyone was silent again. Someone moaned. Ella turned and glanced in a doorway. She smiled. Jake sat up and rubbed his head.

"Holy Crap! My head hurts!" Jake cursed.

"Jake!" Ella shrieked in joy.

Jake got up slowly and walked out into the hall. "What the hell happened out here?" he asked, stepping out of the doorway. He glanced silently at each person taking a head count, and then he turned his head down the hall. He saw Eric's burnt body.

"Holy Fuck man! Oh my god! Eric! Oh my god Eric!" Jake panicked. He grabbed a hold of the wall and leaned back into the room. Ella got up and grabbed his arm. She hugged him really tightly. Tears started to glisten on Jake's face. He put his hand on his forehead and shook his head in disbelief.

The four remaining in the hallway glanced at each other in silence. What were they going to do about Eric? Why is everyone dying? Why is it only Ella and Jake's companions? Who's next? How is it happening? This house was really starting to freak everyone out. They wanted to get out now, before one of them was next. It was just a simple dare gone wrong.

Thunder banged, it sounded farther away. Perhaps the storm was finally going. The four of them sighed and looked at Eric. It seems like he's cooled off. The girls silently searched for a sheet to cover him with. They found one and brought it out to the guys. They wrapped Eric's body in the sheet and carried him into the room he slept in. It was also the room where he was shocked. A deep black mark scorched the floor and a line of black went from the spot on the floor all the way up the wall into another, slightly smaller scorch mark. BJ curled his lip and grimaced.

They left Eric's body in the room next to the bed and crossed the hall to the stairs and went back down. Jake and Ella were in their room crying over their two lost friends.

The thunder and lightning might have stopped but it was still pouring rain. Puddles had started to form in various places on the floor. BJ stepped in one and whined. He hated getting his shoes wet. They four of them made their way into the kitchen. During a storm was probably not the best time to try to make something to eat, but everyone was starving.

BJ sat on a countertop and sighed. "If only the phone worked, then we could order pizza. Man when I get out of here I'm ordering so many pizza's I'll be happy for two weeks."

"What about the rest of your life?" Josh asked.

"I dunno, maybe tacos or something." He said licking his lips. They laughed at him.

Tessa jumped out from the pantry, "Hey I found some pasta!"

"Great!" the other three rejoiced.

"Wait what's the expiration date?" BJ asked jumping off the counter.

"It's pasta, it doesn't matter. Plus it's food, and we haven't eaten in like 24 hours, so it's something edible. Someone get a pot and check if the stove works."

BJ hopped over to the stove and turn a burner on. "Stove works! Yee-haw, we get food!"

They laugh at him again, just for saying yee-haw. Josh handed Tessa a pot, she pour the hard pasta into the pot filled it with water and placed it on the burner. The four of them stood there and watched the pasta cook all licking their lips repeatedly.

Bobbi searched through drawers for silverware and plates. All she could find was two forks. Tessa turned off the burner and carefully drained the water out. "Okay well we have noodles."

"Let's eat!" BJ said taking the pot from Tessa and placing it on the floor in front of were he was seated. The others sat around the pot.

"I only found two forks so we've got to share." Bobbi said.

"What about us?" Ella said walking into the kitchen and glaring at them with red eyes.

"Yeah we're hungry too." Jake said entering behind her. Those two squeezed in between Tessa and Josh.

"Uh, I only found two forks, so…" Bobbi started.

"I have one in my purse. A spare, just in case. So Jake and I will share." Ella said.

"Okay uh, Josh, you and me and Tessa and BJ." Bobbi suggested. Josh took the fork from Bobbi's hand. Tessa took the other and blushed in BJ's direction.

The ones with forks ate a few bites before passing the fork to their partner. It was a small amount of pasta so the food went fast. Within a few minutes the pot was empty and stomachs were still growling.

"I'm still hungry! Is there anything else?" BJ complained.

"Not that I could find. Sorry BJ. I know how much this is killing your stomach right now." Tessa pretended to be sympathetic.

Josh and Bobbi smiled and Ella rolled her eyes. Tessa put the pot in the grimy sink and the group went out to the living room and sat in silence.

"Should we have like a memorial for Eric too, like Rebecca?" Bobbi asked the group. BJ shrugged and the rest of them stayed silent.

"Let's just light some candles, I don't really feel like talking." Jake said. Bobbi nodded.

Jake's lighter rested on a table near some candles, the ones the previously used for Rebecca. Bobbi flicked on the lighter and lit two candles. One for Rebecca and one for Eric.

There they sat. In the living room of the old haunted house. Still trapped inside for another day. They each hoped to get out soon, but no one believed it would be anytime soon. They hoped their parents would realize they are missing and call the cops to get them out. Their lives all relied on hope. It's all they had left.

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