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…"There's a song from inside
That pulls like the tide
When I'm here alone
From another time and place
A melody of grace
Is calling me home
And I'm filled with the sweet sound
I close my eyes and I follow
Where the sky meets the ocean
Through the mist there, just beyond
In the haven I long for
My Avalon…"
~Laura Powers

The pink-haired woman felt herself twirling- eventhough she knew she wasn't standing up; but rather in a reclined position, as she awoke to a bright, almost blinding light hitting her face.

She opened her eyes, them shining in a shade of periwinkle, as she looked down- realizing that she was lying down- but on nothing.  Her eyes went wide as she yelped slightly, beginning to panic as not even a millimeter of ground was beneath her.

Instead, it was a line of soft, fluffy white clouds.  Remembering the events that had taken place not long ago, she jolted up- gravity not even being a problem surprisingly.  She looked around, finding herself inside of a pretty white-walled room; blue skies and rays of sunlight shining in from the porthole windows.

She gasped, looking around in panic as she was about to scream- seeing herself again floating in place among the clouds.  She lifted herself downward, her black boots touching "ground-" setting fourth as if she were standing on solid earth.

She was about to freak out, when-

"Hey, whoa, there.  Chill out, dear.  No need to panic," a female voice spoke gently from out of nowhere.

The blue-eyed girl turned around, "What the?  Who are you?  What happened?" she questioned.

The last thing she had remembered was being with her love; and then it seemed to black out on her.

The gold-haired woman smiled, "One step at a time, Michelle.  You've been through quite a lot," she stated, light crimson eyes filled with trust.

The other lady went pale, "Ack!  How did you know my name?!" she wondered in total shock.

"I watched everything take place.  The crash, you and Setsuna's final moments; everything.  I'm- I guess in a way- your guardian angel," the lady explained.

"You watched the crash?  Wait, hold on a minute-" Michelle began, "I'm trying to let this all sink in."

She turned towards the other woman, "You- watched that drunk guy hit my car- and yet, you sat there and let it happen?  You know, I had a girlfriend and such-"

"Yes.  But you were also ready to give up.  You said so yourself.  This was your destiny, as sad and awful it may seem- your life was meant to end this early," the lady explained.

"So, I'm stuck up here is what you're saying?  Away from Sets?"  Michelle asked.

"Well; the part of you that is you is-" the woman spoke, cringing a bit as she tried to find the words.

"Wait, now I'm lost.  What do you mean the part of me that is me?" Michelle intervened.

"Well, your body.  Your spirit will move on into another body.  A new body, so to speak.  We normally don't allow this; but since you and Setsuna had just started to realize your feelings- we've decided to allow you both a second chance," the woman explained.

Michelle perked up.

"But- there is a catch," the lady went on.

Michelle's face faulted, "I knew it-" she spoke grimly.

"You and Sets- well, Setsuna will remember you- but you will not remember Setsuna; or the relationship that you both shared in your previous life," the woman explained on.

"But- but I really don't want to forget Sets," Michelle cut in.

"You won't.  At least, in your heart.  When you meet up again, Michelle; if you meet up- you won't remember Sets herself- but you will remember the feeling you shared with her.  That one special warmth in your heart that you once had.  So in a way, you won't forget," the young angel went on.

"But, what if I- why don't you just let me return now as I am?  I mean, with this new body thing and all.  Sets would be thrilled," Michelle suggested as the golden-haired lady shook her head.

"As much as I'd love to see that happen, Michelle; it's too risky.  I mean, yes, Setsuna would be thrilled- but it would also probably be- too much for her and such, you know?  Just- seeing the one she lost right there before her.  It's too risky," the woman stated sadly.

Michelle was silent, gazing onto the ground with a sigh.

The red-eyed woman walked a bit closer- her white, lace dress flowing as she moved as she held out her left hand- a ray of white light starting to form around her body, as an aura of gold soon appeared.

Michelle looked over with wonder as she saw this light emerge.

"Good luck, friend.  And remember- you will feel it in your heart," the lady spoke one last time as Michelle felt the light flow into her.

A warm sensation took over her spirit as she was surrounded by what appeared to be flowing, hot gales of wind.  She watched it dance around her- twirling and whirling like ghosts, as Michelle eventually let herself give in- a flash of white light being the last view she had before blacking out.

~And hence, the prologue ends. ^^ What did you think?  I was going to go with another idea, but then realized that it was cliché- so I decided to go with something a bit more unique. ^^ So yeah, Michelle returns- uhh, kind of.  Yeah, I know- but hey, towards the end in that one scene with she and Sets- she grew on me. ^^;;  And what shall happen next?  What about Mimet?  What about Setsuna?  What about this 'new girl'?  Well, review me and all shall be revealed soon enough.  It may not turn out as you all think- this story will be much different than my previous. ^^ Hope you liked the beginning, and be sure to make me smile!! Thanks so much! ^_^