~*~ Mystique's Thank-You's:~*~

So many awesome spirits to thank for this story, and so much love and energy that went into it.  I'm totally amazed!  ^^ But forever grateful at the same time.  ^^  This was the sequel to one of the most popular fics that my predecessors had written, and to see how much people seemed to enjoy it-some even more than COD itself- is memorizing.  ^-^ And with that, here we go! ^-^

~*~Catch a falling star: Dance amongst the clouds:~*~

SicksisterSam:  Hey again.  ^-^ My reviewer for LD, many others, and now this story.  ^^ I love it when past reviewers return to me.  It tells me that I must be doing something right in this job.  ^-~ I'm glad you're enjoying this so much, and thanks for the always-wonderful feedback.  ^^ I hope you like the ending as well, and that it was worth the wait.  My apologies for taking so long. ^^;; Thankies again, and I hope to see you again soon! ^-^

PHHS Guard Guy:  I made you cry with that one chap?  O.O Wow!  O.O That's awesome!! ^^  Err, not that you were crying- but that I was able to touch someone emotionally with my works. ^^ And it was great talking to you the other night, dude.  Sorry I haven't been on much, but life's been busy.  Hence my late update.  -_- But yeah, I'll get on again, dun worry!  ^^ Hope you liked the ending, and see you again real soon!  ^-^

The Immortal Hudson:  Another great friend, and reviewer of mine. ^^ I finally granted your wish with the shirtless Alex thing.  Go check it out, sweetie!! ^-^ Well, even though I already showed you that one night when we were talking.  ^^ My own works may be pleasing to others, but I love your own so much more.  ^^  I mean, I started taking an interest to you after I read your Other Side story; and ever since you've become one of my favorite authors.  ^^ And to know that I am one of your own is a great honor. ^^ I hope you liked how this turned out, and I'll talk to you soon, my friend.  ^^ Thankies so much, and I hope to hear from ya again!  ^-^

~*~Look to the light and think of me:  Weave your spell of love into the night:~*~

 Irish Rhapsody "Kagai":  My wonderful, dear friend, and beta. ^-^ What would I do without my Kagai to cheer me up, and kick my butt when I feel the need to toss all of this writing aside?  I'd probably be like Jun, and lock myself in the dark.  X.X But, seriously.  What can I say to someone that's stood by me throughout everything?  What words can I come up with to thank one of the two people that I consider as more than just mere friends?  I have no idea, really; as I dun think I could ever find the right words to express all that you've done for me.  Thanks for standing by and understanding whenever I've needed someone to call upon, and just being there and making my life just brighter, and worth living.  You're something special, Ci-dude.  Don't ever change.  3

Fallen Angel of Lost Hope"Rainya/Flutter":  One of my dear and bestest friends.  ^^ Like with Kagai, there are no words to express of how much you've changed my life, and myself.  My predecessors were stupid to leave such wonderful people, as you both have done so much for me, and yet asked for so little in return.  I don't know what I would do without you.  I don't think I would be alive if that were the case.  You are a beautiful writer, and as well as a beautiful person, and deserve everything that bright that life has to offer you.  Both of you girls.  You and Ci are Ohana to me; and I don't want either one of you to change.  ^-^  Thanks for everything.  You both are more special than you'll ever begin to know.  Thanks for everything.  3      

~*~To all those that continue to support me, and to stick by my side through everything…thank-you.

~The Immortal Mystique Diamond

…"A time of prayer no matter where you are
You'll find my love will guide you like the stars

I'll be with you to keep you from the cold
No greater love could watch over your soul

And I long for how I long for
The sweetness we have known
And I long for how I long for
The wind that brings you home…"

~Laura Powers