My edge was awkward

and my light

without shining

led you to my half

way open doorway.

If my love is what you seek

then come to me by nights end.

I'll leave

my edge,

as though it were a piece of portable skin

that could slide on

and off with my slightest command

on the doorstep

to your


and hide my long hair.

I can become anything I want to,

that's my guilt,

but I will always carry my edge beside me.


how I lust after you,

yet I hate

the turned back

that I see against

the brick wall,

that's turned away from me.


how I desire to take you with me,

to have you pressed close to me

admiring my skin and lips

without limitation

and fear

as to what the world would think.


how I feast after you.


I am the crooked lover

from bad fiction

that truly desires only to be with you

and to have you take me as I am

and not such a tampered with package.

I would never leave you

or this

surely you know that by now

but Edge

how I lust after you.