School Troubles

Chapter 1

Kathleen Jamison walked into her new school building. She just got transferred to Unicorn High School, as the new Global History teacher. As she walked into the building she saw a teacher looking over some papers.

"Hi, I'm the new Global History teacher, do you know where the Staff meeting will be?" Kathleen asked. The teacher smiled at her.

"I'm Yashi, the math teacher. Go straight down the hall and make a right, it's the big room, with the loud teachers." The Chinese teacher said.

Kathleen smiled. "Thanks." She walked away and went into the loud boardroom. She sat down in an empty seat. She was between two very attractive guys.

"Hey, I'm Tony Childs." Said the one on her left. He had black silky hair and he was tall and slightly built. He had a nice smile, but his nose looked a little weird. But everyone has their flaws right.

"Hi. I'm Kathleen Jamison, the Global History teacher." She said with a smile. He smiled and started to talk to her.

"Why are you wasting her time?" Said one voice from her right. Kathleen turned to him and rolled her eyes.

"I'm Jason Warrington. You are the new attractive 23 year old that everyone has been talking about aren't you?" He said to her. Kathleen gave him a smile.

"Yeah. I guess so." At that moment the Principal, Mr. Kline, walked in the room and started to talk about issues that needed to be known. Kathleen listened to each and every one of them. While she listening to the meeting going on around her, she noticed that Jason and Tony kept looking at her and glaring at one another.


Kathleen was assigned to her classroom and she was trying to make the room a little more presentable when she heard the door to the room open.

"Hello Kitty Kat." Said an arrogant voice. Kathleen turned around and glared at Jason.

'What are you doing in here Mr. Warrington?" Kathleen asked as she stapled the last side of the banner and climbed down off the chair.

"I came by to talk to you about this folder that has just been dropped off on my desk."

"And what does that folder have to do with me?" Kathleen asked as she looked at the folder that was now on her desk.

"Well, it has both of our names on it. In it are some instructions on a new class that we will be handling." He said to her. Kathleen popped open her folder and skimmed through it.

"Mr. Kline wants us to start a Journalism class?" Kathleen said in shock.

"Yeah, he says that it would be good if we did it cause we are the best ones for the job. That's what he says anyway."

"Hmm, it sounds like fun to me. I'll do it. What about you?"

"It seems good and fun. Especially since you are going to be there." He says smiling at her.

"If you don't want to I can always ask Tony Childs to help out."

"The hell you are! I'll do it. I'll see you later Kitty Kat. I got some things to be. Bye." Jason left the classroom and Kathleen sighed as she leaned back in her chair.

School officially starts tomorrow and she excited to meet her new charges. This school year should go by smoothly. Kathleen thought in her head while she stacked up some papers.

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