Chishio dano Ai Desu
By: Akiko

Chapter One-

Kurushimi opened her eyes as she slowly pulled her fangs away from the flesh of the skin they were dug into.

An evil and psychotic grin appeared on her face as she opened her hands, allowing the cloth they were gripped onto to fall out of her hands.

The body she dropped fell to the ground, they eyes opened and full of lifeless fear, the mortal Kurushimi had attacked.

She licked the blood from her fangs, spreading out her black demonic wings. Her wings had holes in them, but none, who had seen her and survived, knew why.

Many rumors ran through the village about her, a few just about how she got all the holes in her wings that she had. Most thought that she had gotten them from her stronger victims who had decided to fight back. Others say she made them herself.

But only a few were about her wings, most were about her past. About what happened to her in her past to make her like this. Some thought that her love had betrayed her, breaking her heart and throwing it into the darkness. After that she cut herself off from humanity. But they didn't know, she never had humanity in her. Others said that she grew up on her own, having to protect herself, learning how to fight so she could survive, and that's what made her heart cold and ruthless. And that no one could show her how to care or love because she never trusted anyone.

Parts of the rumors were true, but others were way off. Kurushimi was a lovely half demon, half vampire mix. She had the fangs and lust for drinking blood as a normal vampire did. But, because she was also part demon, she had wings. But most importantly, the light from the sun, a cross, a stake or anything normal vampires had as weaknesses didn't affect her. Both her demonic half and vampire half contributed to her cold and dark, ruthless heart that was inside of her.

Her eyes were dark purple, eyes that could hypnotize anyone who looked into them. Her pupils were slits, like those of a cat when light is shined into their eyes. Her hair was a long, gorgeous, smooth and shiny black color. It basically never tangled up, it was the hair almost every girl wanted. But, then again, almost every girl wanted to be her, except they didn't want her heart and hatred for everyone like she had. Her skin was a dark tan color, not to dark but not to light either. She wore clothing, but not much. She had a dark green shirt that started at above her breasts and ended about three inches before her belly button, the thin straps held it up and around her shoulders. The straps were rarely ever seen because of the dark blue leather jacket she wore. The sleeves of that jacket went a little past her elbows. She wore a black bracelet around her right wrist, it being black and having spikes coming from it, and on her left hand she had a black leather like biker glove. Her pants were tight and smooth material that almost shined in the sun.

She placed her long demonic claws on the wall of the alley she was in, leaving the lifeless body there on the ground for some poor and innocent girl or boy to come along and to find it so they could tell the rest of their town that she had stuck again.

A low growl came from deep in her throat as she fixed her eyes to the entrance of the alleyway.

"Who are you, and what do you want?" she asked in a cold and dark tone.

She slowly narrowed her eyes as the figure in the entrance moved towards her, walking into the alleyway. The figure stopped for a moment to look down at the body, then moved it heads up, shifting it's eyes towards her.

She growled a bit more as she turned around, her demonic wings still spread out. She watched as the figure started towards her once more, placing a hand towards their side. She moved her claw around a bit at her side as she pulled the other one off the alleyway wall.