Chapter 8-

            ~*~Kurushimi's POV~*~

            I growled as I passed through the depths of the dark hallway. The darkness swarmed around me, as though it was going to eat me, but I was use to it after living in the dark my whole life, ever since I took my first breath of air in this world.

            I licked my fangs, hungry for a snack. I told myself, no, I'll dine on Kaze's blood when I found him, thus giving me more of a reason to want him dead.

            I stopped in the hall where I was and placed my hand slowly on the hilt of my Tokoyami. I then pulled her from the sheath on my back and closed my eyes. I held Tokoyami's blade tip towards the ground.

            I quickly spun around, bringing the blade away from the ground. I smirked, the blade of my sword stopping before it came in contact with any flesh. I spun my sword around and placed it back into the sheath, opening my eyes. I glanced up from the ground and met with a pair of crimson eyes.

            "You shouldn't sneak up on people like that, that's the way to get your head cut off. Unless, that is what you are trying to do," I frowned a bit. "Because in that case I'll be more then happy to kill you right here and now."

            The crimson eyes then got a slight glint in them and then closed, a 'heh' sound being heard. "I knew you would stop once you figured out it was me, so I wasn't very worried," came the voice in a kind of mocking tone. I growled slightly and muttered.

            "What are you doing out of bed anyways Kaikou?" I kept the frown on my face, knowing damn well he could see it. I had remembered about his wounds and thus stopped my attack; otherwise I know he would've dodged it.

            "Oh, heh. These are nothing compared to what they normally are. I wonder why I got such a light punishment this time." I let out a low growl as I shifted my eyes to my right. They narrowed slightly as I placed my hand, once again, on the hilt of Tokoyami, ready to pull it out.

            Kaikou placed his hand on my wrist and stopped me, glancing over in the area my dark blue eyes had drifted. I growled more and sent my glare upon Kaikou then huffed a bit, taking my hand off the hilt of my sword.

            "Don't yell at me if I can't stop myself from killing her later," I whispered, crossing my arms over my stomach area neatly.

            "I'd kill her before you even reached her. She touched my sister and that I can't forgive. So trust me, she would be dead before you got to her," he whispered back to me.

            I growled once more. Damn him for being faster than me. Damn him for ever finding me and damn him for following me! I continued to glare at him and watched as his crimson eyes narrowed, a dark glint appearing in them.

            I noticed myself taking a step back, watching him. I had never seen this look on his face before, nor did I ever want to again. This expression didn't suit him. That expression, it made him look, well, evil. And evil is something that doesn't fit this kid. "Nyeh, doesn't seem either of you like me very much, now does it?" came her voice.

            I glanced over and growled again, geez, I sound like a damn growling machine. Piss me off and I growl! Gah. My normal cold expression disappeared. My expression got darker, my eyes colder and harder than before, and my growling became deeper but yet softer.

            I noticed Kaikou glance over at me and a smirk grew on his face as he turned all his attention back to Mayonaka, the bitch vampire that serves Kaze; if you don't remember her. Can't really blame ya if ya don't.

            A slight 'hmm' came from behind her. A dark figure walked up behind her and Kaikou's expression, his evil one, vanished right from his face, as though it had never been there. His evil expression had been replaced by a shocked yet somewhat scared look. I huffed, figuring he knew whom the figure was, and I guessed as well. Not really guessed, I knew who it was as well.

            "My, my. My Dear Chisuki, how did you get free from that throne room?" came the voice and I groaned. Why did it have to be him? I wasn't hungry enough to kill him yet. Not that I still wouldn't kill him, I just wouldn't end up drinking him dry. Damnit anyways. Oh well, it'd keep me from spoiling myself on Mayonaka's blood. Kaikou will kill Mayonaka that I know and I will take out Kaze.

            I quickly moved from Kaikou's side towards Mayonaka. She let out a small gasp of fright and I smirked. I just jumped over her and dived for Kaze and heard a breath of relief slip out of her lips.

            He got a shocked look on his face as his back collided with the ground because when I jumped over Mayonaka he didn't have enough time to process that he was the one being attacked. I may have had the strong urge to kill her, but killing him was my first task.

            I pinned him to the ground and smirked, but gasped a bit when he threw me off. I rolled over my head and stood up as soon as my feet hit the ground. Spinning around, I had drawn my sword when I stood up, and I held it in front of myself allowing Kaze to run the blade of the sword right though his own gut.

            I blinked slightly and pushed it in further, then pulled it out and spun around bringing the blade of Tokoyami towards his neck. It came close but he quickly ducked under it and sent the palm of his hand out at my chest, and pushed me back with a great deal of force.

            I hit the ground with my back, another gasp slipping out of my lips but in the slight sound of an 'ow'. I was about to stand up when he pinned my arms down and sat on my stomach. I gasped once more, for I still had my own stab wound there. He smirked as he leaned down and licked my cheek.

            "Look what happens when you play rough. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Naughty Chisuki. This is no way for my queen to be acting," he told me in my ear, in a slight whisper. I let out a soft growl and then it got deeper as he pushed down on my wound. "Hmm. I see you were wounded before you got here. Shame Kaikou, I told you not to hurt her," he said and shifted his gaze at Kaikou. "You should be punished for it."

            A somewhat scared look appeared across Kaikou's face though he was good to hide it with his normal cold expression around Kaze. "But, you have already been punished once today so I'll let this one slide by, I suppose," he smirked and looked back down at me, now holding my wrists with one hand. "As for you, I should punish you for trying to escape."

            I just gave him a smirk and pulled my wrists free from his grasp and punched him in the chest, forcing him back off me. I stood up and grabbed Tokoyami, then walked over to him and pointed the tip of the blade of his neck, forcing him to stay on the ground. He may have been stronger than me, but that doesn't mean I'm not faster. "Who ever said I was trying to escape? And who said I didn't deserve this wound?" I smirked. Wait! What the hell am I doing? Was I being nice? Was I trying to defend Kaikou's actions earlier that night? I groaned at the though and rolled my eyes somewhat.

            That was my mistake, asking myself questions and not paying attention close enough attention to Kaze's movements because that was when he grabbed the blade of Tokoyami and pulled it from his neck, using his other hand to grab one of my feet and pulled. I feel onto my back once more and he grabbed my sword.

            Kaze the pointed the blade of the sword at my heart and I sent a evil glare up at him. He pulled his arm back and then started to send the sword at my chest. I just smirked a bit, I knew he would eventually kill me, I just wasn't sure when. "I don't need you around. The vampires will be under my rule one way or another, and I'm getting sick of trying this way. So there is no need for you to be alive," he snarled.

            I closed my eyes, the smirk still on my face. Finally, I would be free from this damned world and able to rest. I placed my back against the wall and waited for the feel of Tokoyami's blade to hit my chest, then I suddenly heard the blade against another one. I opened my eyes to find Kaikou standing in front of me, his own sword pulled and defending me.

            Kaze got a shocked expression on his face and then narrowed his gaze. I glanced up at Kaikou, his expression was like before, that evil one. I blinked and watched the two fight for a short time. I stood up and leaned against the wall, watching but also keeping any eye on Mayonaka, because she wasn't dead yet.

            I suddenly heard someone fall against the ground and I turned all my attention to the fight and found Kaze holding Tokoyami at Kaikou's chest. Kaze frowned and was about to thrust the blade in to Kaikou's chest. I ran over and grabbed the blade of Tokoyami, then twisted it to the side, forcing the hilt out of his hand. "It's one thing to fight with my sword, it's another thing to kill someone with my sword!" I frowned and spun around, sending my foot to Kaze's side, and because of his wound, his reactions were slowly allowing my foot to collide with Kaze's side and send him in a different direction. I glanced down at Kaikou who had his eyes closed and then followed in the direction Kaze went.

            He grabbed a sword and we fought, many times his sword nearly got me and many times mine nearly got him but none ever came close enough to kill one of use. The little scratches we left on each other weren't going to do anything. My black demonic wings spread out and one quickly moved to my side, stopping the sword from touched my side.

            I was knocked to the ground and had lost my Tokoyami. I tried to stand up but I was feeling weak, which was nothing normal. I was normally full of strength. I groaned and Kaze held his sword to my chest once more, this time I don't think there was any way I could be saved this time. He sent the sword towards my chest and I lay there, waiting.

            Suddenly I opened my eyes and watched as I dark blue gem glowed, and floated in front of me. I grabbed it with my right hand and sat up, noticing that Kaze had backed up a few feet. I blinked, a bit confused and then looked at the gem once more that I held within my hand. The gem reminded me of something but what I don't know. I was trying to think where I had seen it. I tightly closed my eyes and a flashback to the day were ran out of the castle when I was very small.


            "Come on Chisuki! Hurry up, your father won't be able to hold them off much longer!" I heard my mother cry as she grabbed my hand and started to tug it, pulling me out of the room and towards a back door hidden within the wall.

            "But mommy! You're necklace!! What about your pwetty blue gwem!?" I yelled, wanting to make sure she had it because I had known that it was a gift to her from my father, way before I was born. She finally picked me up in her arms and walked to the hidden door.

            "Your father will get it later," she told me in a calm voice and then held me tighter to her warm body and ran through the hidden door and down a narrow hallway to the kitchen and then out the door into some dark woods, the gem sitting on the table in my room.

            ~End Flashback~

            "T-this was my mothers! You stole this when you came to the palace!" I stood up and growled, my eyes growing with danger warnings and my growl deeper and louder. "You killed my father! This life I have now... all happened back of you! You're the cause for this! Why did you steal this from my room when you came to the palace?" I yelled, wanting answers.

            "Because, it holds the power to control the vampires that are technically under your rule, Kurushimi," I heard Kaikou tell me. I glanced over at him with a surpised look on my faced, wondering how he knew all of this. I then glared back at Kaze, growling dangerously towards him.