~A poem that I wrote a few months ago. I was in writer's block but got hit
by inspiration (in my chorus class, go figure!) I don't write poetry much
so most of the time it's horrible but I think this one is okay. This is one
of my favorite poems and I hope you like it too. Feel free to leave a
review and tell me what you think!

A shooting star across the sky
Did not have to wonder why
A beautiful vision from my dreams
Of all things never seen
A touch to dry the tears
A hug to chase away all the fears
Becoming a part of me
Never feeling more free
Don't want to let go
Forgetting all I know
Nothing left to fear
As long as he is near
A calm smile to ease the pain
Trying not to go insane
Opening my eyes
To things inside
A rainbow after a storm
Someone holds me safe and warm
A sun rising in the east,
Setting in the west
Filled my heart,
Filled my dreams,
Yet never being seen