my hazel eyes fill with tears
as i look upon the scene that confirms my fears
why must my troubles be correct?
why can't they be misplaced and illogical?
why must my outlook be cynical?
these ramblings fill my mind
as I am temporarily blind

why must all of humanity despise me?
why does no one answer my pleas?
I thought you cared
I thought you were my answered prayer
I guess my assumptions were wrong
You don't want to make me feel as if I belong
You just want to betray me
I highly doubt it
Although I'm not knowledgeable about it
I know that you never cared
And that you never dared
to take a chance on my invisible personality
instead you pass off my feelings with brutality
and break my heart with another
you try to act like my brother
but even my brother is kinder than you are
by far
but once again I am the little sister figure
I am struggling to keep my composure
tears cascade down my cheeks
you helped me find what I seeked
but then reality sets in
and I find again
my affection has been thrown to the unknown
I attempt to keep my features like stone
someone sits beside me
and envelopes me in an affectionate hug
I return the sibling-like movement
and pray for improvement
in my meaningless life