Chapter 2

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            The massive ship, now looking like a regular wooden ship, glided gently across the smooth waters of the Trigaen Ocean, one of the five major oceans of the world of Parfaize. After ten minutes of sailing, the ice and fire had mysteriously disappeared and had yet to return. However, they had been sailing for a good many hours now and had almost forgotten about the one most prevalent characteristic of the already odd ship. With a sigh, Chaos folded her arms atop the smooth wooden railing and rested her head on her arms, her deep dark eyes scanning the soft waves of the tranquil ocean. These were the girl's favourite waters, with the waves of crystal blue and dolphins leaping and dancing around the ship. She had often dreamt of sailing her own ship across the Ocean, to explore the uncharted waters and discover new islands and treasure.

            It was perfect.

            "RY GIVE BACK MY BROOM!!!"


            Well it was perfect for those last few seconds. With a sigh, Chaos returned her attention to her three-man (well, two girl and one guy) crew. "What's going on down there?"

            Takeru was holding Ryeth's arms behind his back as she pinned him down onto the wooden floorboards of the ship. "Be glad those flames aren't there," she hissed before turning to look up to her captain. "He stole my broom!"

            "I didn't!!" he gasped.

            The raven-haired girl raised an eyebrow down at him. "Yet she claims you did." She glanced around. "Where's Stratosphere?"

            "That's Strata," the girl in question said dryly as she lifted her head from the large wooden rate she had been lying upon. "He took it," she continued with a sigh and plopped her head back down.


            "Then where is it?" Chaos asked, her eyebrow still cocked.

            "How the bloody hell should I know?!" Ryeth struggled hopelessly under Takeru's strong hold.

            "Stop lying and just tell me where it…" Something caught the girl's eye and she suddenly blinked, releasing her hold upon the half-dead boy. "Oh, there is it!" She hopped off of Ryeth, stepping on the back of his head in the process as she kipped over to where the mop was leaning against the mast. "I forgot I had put it there when I went to change the batteries to my CD player."

            Ryeth just staid prostrate on the ground, twitching slightly.

            "Well it happens to the best of us," Chaos said, a small smirk on her face.

Somehow, picking on the only boy on the ship brought some entertainment. Not because they liked him, but rather…well it was just too much fun. And the fact that their prey could never get a hit in even if he tried.

            "How much longer? Strata's voice was slightly muffled since she had turned on to her side and had buried her face into her arm to deflect the rays of sunlight streaming down through the few clouds in the sky.

            Chaos hopped over the railing down to the main deck. "Probably won't be 'til another day, mate," she said as she scanned the horizon. Just crystal blue water for miles around. "Though by sunset we should see the outline of the island."

            "Have you ever been over there?" The girl was now sitting up and swinging her legs, the heel of her boots knocking in to the wood with a soft thump, thump, thump.

            "Croissant Island? I've been there a few times."

            "By yourself?" Takeru had returned and hints of her music could be heard from her headphones.  She leaned against her mop just as Ryeth slowly got up from the deck.

            "No, with my father.  We'd go there sometimes for training. Perfect place, Croissant Island."

            "Why do they call it Croissant Island? Is it made up like a croissant? With bread as the land and natives?" she asked jokingly.

            "Actually, yes."

            "WHAT?!" The girls stared at her, Strata nearly tipping over the crate from the shock and Takeru just managed to catch her CDD player before it hit the still wooden floorboards of the deck.

            Ryeth just stood there, looking as if he was deep in thought. "…An island made out of bread?" He paused. "…Think we should bring butter…?"

            At that, everyone did the classic anime fall.

            "WHAT KIND OF QUESTION IS THAT?!" Takeru shouted as she used her mop to help her back up from the deck.

            Chaos placed a hand over her face as she struggled to stand. She had a feeling she would be doing this often. "Well, it's not 'entirely' made up of bread…there's one place that's actually normal and that's where we'll dock. There's a cave there, too, and that's where we'll hide out. I don't believe anyone has beaten us there yet."

            "Well I might not be so sure of that, lassie."

            Everyone looked up as Chaos whirled around to find herself face to face with a rather strikingly handsome faced young man, not much older than herself. Feeling heat rushing to her face at the thought that someone had snuck onto her ship without knowing, she quickly shook her head as she took a step back and glared at the intruder. He grinned as he brushed back his rusty brown bangs, his dark hazel eyes dancing with amusement. His hair was tied back into a ponytail and his clothing was pretty much black, except from the dark red sash around his waist.

            "Surprised? My ship has been sailing alongside yours for a while now."

            "Who are you?" Chaos growled. "Do you know whose ship you are trespassing on?"

            He did a graceful bow. "As to your first question, Black Wolf the Pirate, at your service, madam." He looked up and grinned. "If I told you my real name, I'd have to kill you," he said with a wink.

            She rolled her eyes. "Puh-LEEZE!" Who does this bozo think he is??

            The pirate just grinned. "Feisty. Just what I would expect from the daughter of the infamous 'Aremis the Black'." His gaze shifted downward slightly. "Not that bad either."

            There was a loud SMACK, followed by a giant splash as Black Wolf plunged into the ocean. With large sweat beads on each of their heads, Chaos' crew stared at their fuming, bright red coloured captain and the over the railing at the body floating in the water. They watched as someone descended to the water from the other ship and hauled the body back up.

            "YOU'LL PAY FOR THAT!" the rescuer yelled angrily at Chaos. "YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THE LAST OF THE WIDOW!!!"

            "LETS SEE YOU TRY YOU PERVERTED FREAKS!" Takeru shouted back.

            Before the other could respond, Wolf lifted his drenched head slightly and smiled at his mate. "Let it off, Pyro."

            "But…sir!!" But he stopped when he saw the look in his captain's eyes. He grinned. "Ah…All right then, captain!" He turned back to Ze Ship Dysfuncionál. "BETTER WATCH OUT, YOU LOSERS! I'D WATCH MY BACK IF I WERE YOU! ONCE THE WIDOW FINDS A TARGET, SHE TAKES IT, NO MATTER WHAT THE COSTS!"

            Takeru just made mouth motions with her hand as incoherent yells were heard even though the ship was already sailing away. "Yak, yak, yak, that's all that guy ever does."

            Chaos blinked. "Do you…know them?"

            "Only by chance." She made a face. "And an unlucky one at that." The young girl stared after the quickly sailing ship. "I only know Pyro personally…but I don't know about that Black Wolf guy."

            "Pyro??" The three repeated.

            "…Does that mean he, like, sets things on fire??" Ryeth asked.

            "Yes," Strata answered with a sigh. "Or at least that would be what the name implies."

            "Then he's dangerous??" Chaos said in half-hysterics. "WOULD HE TRY TO BURN MY SHIP?!?!" At that she quickly latched onto one of the masts, her eyes wide.

            "…It wouldn't matter if he did, this ship is already on fire," Strata said, an eyebrow raised.

            "What?!" Ryeth shouted as he quickly looked about, expecting to see flames surrounding them. But when he saw nothing he blinked. "…Uh…Strata…I think you need to get your eyes fixed…"

            "That's not what I mean you dioti!!" she yelled as she slammed her elbow on top of the boy's head, sending him to the floor.


            Takeru snickered. "That's what you get, dioti."

            He stared at the two confused. "…Dioti? What the hell is that??"

            Chaos blinked then laughed as the meaning struck her. "Dioti!! That's great I love it!!"

            "Isn't it?" Strata said proudly. "And definitely lives up to the name if he can't figure out what it means."

            Ryeth just stared at the girls completely baffled. "Tell me!"

            "Dioti! Dioti!" Takeru chanted as she skipped away with her mop.


            "Just give it up, Ryebread," Chaos smirked as she, too, went back to her post. "And get back to work! We can't let those perverted freaks beat us to the treasure!!"

            "Aye-yi, Captain!" Strata mocked saluted as she went to the bow of the ship. "Ry, make sure the sails are in their proper positions!"

            "…But that's your job."

            "Not anymore! I just volunteered you do it," she grinned.

            Chaos yelled down at them. "Ry! What are you doing?! GET TO WORK!!"

            The boy just gave an "ugh" and trudged over to the ropes. He stared up at the wide white sail billowed out by the winds. "…What the hell am I supposed to do…? Hm…" After staring up at it for a while, he noticed some rope dangling down. After looking at it for a moment, he reached up and gave it a tug.

            Nothing happened.

            He tried again.

            Nothing happened.

            He gave it one last giant pull, only to hear something whistling down and rope landing on his head. "Ow…huh?" He heard something crack above him and looked up. He wished that he had not. He wished he could just disappear as he saw a sail beam hurtling down towards him. He had heard stories from older people of those who had prayed and wished very hard and had their prayers and wishes come true. He closed his eyes and wished with all his might.

            There was a loud CRASH as the heavy beam of wood crashed on top of him. Ry made a vow to never believe those stories from old people ever again.

            "RY WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!?!" Chaos screeched as she jumped down from the wheel and ran over to where the boy was lying on the ground with the wooden beam on top of him.

            "…Uh…dying in pain?"

            "YOU'RE HURTING MY SHIP!!" she wailed as she lifted the beam with no effort at all and quickly reassembled the sail. "My poor ship!!"

            "…Uh…yeah…I'm all right…thanks for asking…" Geez…I guess making her mad would be a bad thing…

            "Dioti," Takeru said with a huff as she helped him up. "Just help mop the deck. Or are you going somehow scratch the ship?"

            Ryeth glared at the girl and snatched the mop, stalking to the port side of the ship.

            Takeru stared after him in slight awe. "Wow…he actually got mad…ah!" She quickly called out to him, "Ry! Look out for the—" She cringed when she heard his yell followed by a loud crash of a person hitting the deck. "…Barrels…"

            Ryeth stared up at the sky, the front of the upper half of his body lying on the floor while his legs dangled over the barrels he just ran into. "…Thanks for the warning…"

            Strata just stared at everyone. Turning her back to them she closed her eyes as she prepared to take a quick nap. But before sleep overcame her, one thought flitted through her mind. How were they ever going to make it to the island and find the treasure?