Authors Notes

This is going to be my Authors Notes for The Beast. I'll tell you all a little bit about why I made certain choices in this book and if you leave a review for this part of the book, please tell me what you'd like be to add in the final draft as well as the squeal. YES there is going to be a sequel and I'm damned eager to get to writing to it. Let me first start out this authors note with some comments on the characters:

Richard Rossetti

His name was a very careful choice. First off I had to name him Richard to play on the whole PI privet dick his name is Dick thing. Secondly his last name is the same as a famous (if you're an art buff that is) Pre-Raphaelite named Dante Gabriel Rossetti. My best friend is an Art Major so I asked her for some last names and when she said Rossetti I knew I had my guy's name. Shockingly enough I discovered Dante Gabriel had a thing for plump red heads and Richards ex is a plump red head! I swear that wasn't intentional!

His background was another thing of careful choices. I talked to my dad and asked his opinion a lot. Which is why Richard is an ex-cop and an ex- military guy. My dad is in the military so he knew plenty and he's an MP. So that helps. Considering I'm from Phoenix Arizona I had to make Richard from the same state so I can give him something to bitch about. I'm sure you've noticed certain references pertaining to Arizona cropping up plenty.

I made him a man pig because I thought it would be funny. He's actually worse and better than he acts. On one hand he was raised by women so he has a great deal of respect for women but on the other hand he only wants to have a sexual relationship with women. That is until this book when he realizes he doesn't want to be alone forever. Didn't want to beat that drum too much because I'll be addressing it more in the next book. If you have any Richard questions or things you want me to address in book, please email me or leave a review telling/asking me.

Priest (no last name yet :)

Ah Priest. His name has a bit of a funny story behind it. I didn't name him Priest because he was a priest and dresses like a priest but because I was driving down priest, a road in Tempe (which is where ASU is) and I thought to myself: 'I want a character named Priest. and you know what! He'll actually be a priest, dress like a priest and be a vampire hunter!'. It was later that I decided to make him demon bound to his demon, who still doesn't have a name.

In later books I plan on going into more detail about his past. In the first book nothing was really revealed about him and that was because I wanted him to remain a little mysterious. In this book I dropped the whole 'murdered his family' thing right when he was handling Ash just to freak out poor Dris! I'll elaborate on that in either the next book or much later ones.

I decided I wanted Priest to be both crazy and not. He's been a around for a while and he's never been the most sane person but he has his moments. I like the fact that he's warm and motherly every now and again (cooking for Richard and such) but at the same time he's a vicious killer. It's a lovely balance. if you can call it that. If you want me to go into more details in this book or the next about Priest please email me or say specifically what you want in the review :) I do take suggestions and I do react to questions.

Driscoll Ballard

Yes he does have a last name. I've just never had a reason to reveal it. In the first book when I introduced Driscoll I didn't realize he was going to become such an important character. But he developed into his position because Richard needed someone to hold his hand as he was 'enlightened'. Driscoll ended up being the best one because he's friendly and playful as well as very casual. That and fae don't have as many hang ups about keeping hidden as other supernaturals do. In later books I'm going to go into more detail about his race the Ganconer. But for now I'm going to stay rather ambiguous about it.

Why did I give him a baby? Because he's completely inept with children and I wanted to add more depth to his character. I liked the way he became a father, though he probably has a dozen or so kids running around as it is. It gives me a chance to tell the readers more about the Ganconer and in a useful way. Not just by dropping hints every now and again. So, if you have any Driscoll related questions comments or suggestions please email me or leave a specific review!


Why in God's name did I name him Eckers? Well. again blame Tempe. I was driving by an Eckerd when I suddenly announced to my friend: I want a demon with a name like that! So, I changed it up a little bit and got Eckers. It sounds sooo cute and disarming that it was perfect for my demon of pain character I was creating for his book. I wanted him to have a very child like personality but mixed with the darker more terrifying demon that he is. Because he doesn't have a soul he's not as flexible as my other characters so he's limited in that sense. If you have any Eckers questions, email or leave me a review :)

Jake Cormac

I was getting afraid that I was beating my readers to death with the issues that are arising between Jake and Richard. For now he's very much so unenlightened and Richard wants to keep it that way, even if it risks their relationship. Richard views Jake in a very father son way, at least as much as he's ever felt towards another man. I'll go into more detail on that in the next book.

I'm not sure if/when I'm going to let him in on Richard's secrets. In a way its fun playing with him and making him suffer but on the other hand I don't want it to become tiresome. Again, leave a review or email me if you want me to go into more detail about Jake either in this book or the next. Please be specific.

Mara Beck

In the next book I think I'll go into detail why she hates Richard. We all know why Richard hates her but I haven't done much about why she hates him. I like the fact that she's a Jewish Princess who's a cop for reasons unknown to everyone. Not only that but in a way she's made of tougher stuff than Richard is. This was quiet obvious when she attacked Priest, something Richard wouldn't have done when he first met the guy. She's a tough cookie to break and isn't easily intimidated. So I do like her even if I make Richard hate her so much. See above for the whole review email thing.

Bastiaan Mestas and Talia

You don't often see Fawn or Nymphs in any fiction so I wanted these guys to be fairly central to the plot in this book. They seemed like the perfect couple and they will crop back up in later books. Not much else to say about them really.


Neil also has yet to get a last name and maybe later I'll sit down and give him one. For now I really like this character. He's the most innocent and cuddly of all the people in this series but at the same time he's perfectly capable of tearing into people. In later books I'll start going into detail about his past and why he lives/works for Gautier. See above for stuff.

Gautier Waldgrave

He seems a lot tougher than he is. That was obvious when he puked his guts out! lol. I wanted him to be a really powerful mage who actually hasn't ever done much with it. He loves magic for itself and had never intended to do much with it. Again, more detail on him will arise later in the series. See above blah blah blah.


Where did Driscoll's dog go in this book? I'll address that later. But he's not a very important character and simply exists for a certain affect. That and I do like him. I think he's cute. He'll pop up periodically in this series.

Kenneth Foust

I was a little disappointed by how little 'screen time' this guy got before his demise. In a way I'd have liked it if he did more but at the same time I had nothing for him to do. His hands were often tied and he couldn't bother Richard much. Partially out of fear for Priest who did stab him real good in the first book. I think information about him will appear in later books. But I'll say nothing more! :D

William Thayer

William is such a play on other fictional vampires. He's bi with a vengeance and really wants to get in Richard's pants. But considering Richard is as straight as they come this isn't happening. Which creates a fun dynamic between Richard and Percy, William's current squeeze. William will show up in person more often in later books. I promise!

Karen Alma

Karen will keep popping up through the series, she is a fairly important character. Mostly because Richard is still fairly stuck on her. I hope I made this obvious enough in this book but I'm still afraid I was to vague on that part.

The Story itself:

Why did I give Richard cancer at the end of the book? In part because I wanted a big time cliff hanger and I wanted to give him some angst for the next book and dying of cancer is a big angsty thing, right? :)

In many ways I wish I'd gone into more drug related details involving Eckers but the plot didn't let me so I avoided it. When I go back and rewrite the book I may add more drug content but we'll see. I don't like coming into books with too much of a battle plan, and this book proved why. I wanted it to have lots of drugs in it but when it came time to write the book it didn't happen. My writing style is this: I go where the characters want me to go. I don't force them into doing what they don't want. They are very real to me and will strike if I don't let them have their way! Seriously. :)

Anyway, please leave a review or email me on stuff you'd like to see in the next book or things you want me to elaborate on in my past books. I do honestly listen to what people say and some of my reviews will have noticed this. I take my reviews very seriously and I love the fact that they take time out of their day to read my work and then comment on it. Thanks for reading my book and I'll get the next one started real soon! I promise!