I wrote this about my best friend's breakup with her boyfriend.


I wish I had a box big enough
to hold all my memories of you
I'd start with the tangible things,
photographs then teddy bears,
rose petals, valentine cards and
the poem you wrote for me last summer.
I'd place the delicate items on top,
the whisper of your voice in the dark
the touch of your hands on my skin and
the comfort of knowing I was loved.
I relive these feelings every hour
and each second is killing me
I wanted it not to mean so much
I wanted it to mean something to you -
my first love.
So if I managed to find a box
and have the nerve to seal it shut
I'd walk up to your front door
and leave it there without a word.
It took me so long to wrap it all up
I wouldn't care if you opened it
or if you didn't want to remember
I just want to show that I'd moved on
and you couldn't affect me anymore.
I don't think you cried like I did
but if i'm wrong and it hurt you too
then don't untie the ribbon
you'd already know what's inside
and how difficult it was to close the lid.

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