Locked up in an emotional prison,
All my happiness and hope
Trapped in a doorless room
No one on Earth has the key.
My tears flow like a raging torrent
As I slowly walk the dusty track.
Where I am going, I do not know,
I do not care,
I do not see.
On I go up high in the hills
Until I reach a forest glen.
The cricket's chirp,
The birds sing
But I am drowning
Deeper and deeper
Further and further into despair.
I want a chance to start again,
A new beginning for my mind
Yet further I go
Being swallowed alive
Pain and fear mixed together.
Suddenly I look up and reach
A shining star far above me
I feel my feet lift.
I'm off the ground,
Soaring on up high
Through the soft blanket of clouds
By stars and planets
Past the universe
Beyond life
Beyond death
Into the suffocating silence that follows
Nothing around me
Nothing beneath me
Nothing to catch me should I fall.
My thoughts swirling round and round
Drifting away into the distance
My eyes dry
All fears leave
In this blissful, silent plain
Suddenly I start to fall
Plunging back to reality.
My cell's unlocked
The key is found
Hope and happiness come flooding back.
In my quiet forest glen
The crickets chirp
The birds sing
Here's my chance to start again.