I was your mother; I gave you everything I had
But you never gave anything back;
And now I'm dying by inches
And you just don't care
You left the nest long ago,
To fly on your own wings,
But you don't see how much
You really need me still.
To little to late,
You say you tried to stop it
But that's always the case with you
Don't worry 'til it's on your doorstep
And then when you can't stop it you say it can't be stopped
I was arrested,
I stood trial,
Was found guilty,
And now I'm on death row,
But you still have not seen fit to inform me of my crime.
Although you didn't listen I pleaded innocent all along
Should I slit my wrists with razor blades
And write my message,
On your gleaming fortress walls,
In my blood before I die?
Before the judge you claim that you couldn't hear my screaming
But with my dying breath I gasped the question
"Can't or Won't"
And you heard me and it forever haunts your dreams.