Hey, You There
Hey, you there,
Yeah, it's me,
You might have forgotten me,
It's not like I'm very important,
Well, according to you,
Humanity, humanitarian aid and whatever
Major misnomer
You're really quite a self-centred bunch.
Ecologists you call them,
Say they study ecosystems.
But there's this thing you haven't noticed yet.
You seem to be designing your own.
I can just see you,
In your strange, warm, buildings
With a long, long, list
All of us on it.
I can hear just you.
"Oh he's so cute, we can't get rid of him"
"We can use those better let them stay."
Fine until you come to the
"What's the use of having those around, we'd better get rid of them"
That's me.
I'm useless according to you
I didn't get a choice in this you know
The world was made to work
For everyone
Not just for you.
Hey, you there
Yeah, it's me.