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He looked up, was that a scream he had heard? No, it couldn't have been, there was no one around. The curious young man shook it off, and continued to walk. Then he heard it again, his mind raced with thoughts, was he alone? Was there someone else there? Were they hurt? He sighed and placed his eyes to look at the ground in front of him, he nearly gasped, blood was flowing, like a spring, it was just a drop going down the hill ahead, but whatever it was, he wanted to see.

The cursitority inside him was eating him, he had no other choice, he went up the hill, slowly, but with every step, there was more and more blood. Finally at the top of the hill, what looked like a lake of the red liquid had taken form, upon looking, the man saw a house from where the blood was coming from. He rapidly ran towards it, faster and faster he went.

Opening the door slowly, more and more blood poured out, like a dam being released, letting the forceful water escape into freedom. What he saw amazed him, it was a woman, covered in blood, but still beautiful, she took one look at him, before slowing opening her mouth, and letting out the words, "Save me..."

It was then, that this man fell in love with this woman, she wasn't normal, not even human, but that didn't matter to him. He nourished her back to health, which was surprising, all she had was a scratch, yet nearly a river of blood flowed from her. He was too stunned by her presence, to even noctice this. Seasons past, and still she stayed, he loved her, and she accepted it.


It wasn't until a cold morning in January did everything change, the woman had been with they're first child, and gave birth this morning.

"She's beautiful, isn't she?" the young man asked the woman, only to get no reply. "What's wrong?" he asked, now worried.

The woman turned her gaze onto his, before once again, sounding discrete, "I...must...go, my job has been finished..." she finished, before her eyes slowly shut, and her skin becoming colder than even ice.

He stood there for a few minutes, letting it all sink in, he however, was snapped out of this trance with the sound of crying. "Hey, don't cry...it's just going to be me and you now isn't it?" he asked, before a breeze swept through, causing leaves and petals through the air.

He took once last glance at the now deceased woman, before turning down the hill.

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