Yes now,

Just let me see,

How worst my life could be.

As a kid I was a reject,

I had only two friends.

The other kids laughed at me,

Again and again.

Then as I grew up,

Around the age of ten,

My dad left us behind,

In very deep pain.

He went for USA,

Where he got pretty rich,

Got a girlfriend. . .

She was a real witch.

Did I mention a bitch?

Sorry, back to my life.

She was mean to him,

He didn't see.

He only listened

And didn't pay a penny.

My poor mommy struggled,

Still able to pay. . .

While I gave up on life,

With real pain.

Around that time,

I was twelve.

A blooming young lady.

I almost got thrown out of school

Because I didn't care.

I was at the verge of depression,

Crying my poor body to sleep.

And still some,

Where mean to me.

When I became thirteen,

My life wasn't in green.

I was a pretty spoiled brat,

Feeling that,

My little bro was nothing but a nuisance.

I loved him of course,

But also hated,

For I thought he might have begun it all.

My parent's fight I mean.

Everything made me angry,

Everyone made me cry.

I felt none would survive my wrath.

I wanted to kill,

Everything and everyone,

But never did. . .

After all,

I'm just a kid.

I didn't have the strength.

Just see,

Barely an hour ago,

I wanted my hair cut and pretty,

Ready for school tomorrow.

I didn't get what I wanted,

And guess what?

I cried like a child.

But that is only a small moment.

Sometimes, I see pain in the future.

I see my father and his girlfriend,

Becoming married,

Having a baby.

I see my daddy, forgetting about me,

See his girlfriend,

Forgetting him,

Getting a divorce,

Forcing him to pay money,

For my bro, their kid and me.

The poor man. . .

He wouldn't understand,

Would probably kill himself.

Then what, you ask?

My ma and step ma would fight,

Over who would get the cash.

I wonder who would win?

Bah! Who cares anyways?

That's my life. . .

Or just a bit. . .

I'm tired,

But not asleep yet.