For Sixty Eight Lost Souls

I didn't know you as people but I feel like I do

I can close my eyes and know what you were going through

Cuz even now, after all this time

I feel it too.

It feels like you'll never be able to smile

In a state of grieving so intense

And all the while,

Inside you're a train wreck, coming off the rails

Nothing to live for, nothing to gain

Nothing to smile for,

Not ever again.

You thought you knew him,

You let yourself care

For the smartest man, with dyed blonde hair.

And then in the smallest second,

It was all gone, he wasn't there

And you didn't know how to deal with it

You didn't know what to do

The one you had followed

Had abandoned you

So in a fit of pain, and hate and love

You wrote your note and picked up the gun

You put on his voice, and while it was in your head

Your finger found the trigger, and then you were dead

So wherever you all are,

If you're with him and smiling at last

Please know we are so sorry

We're trying to let go of the past

To move on, with you and him in our hearts

For a day when we'll no longer be apart

This poem is for the 68 people who committed suicide after the death of Kurt Cobain. They all died because they believed he did not want to live, and for this they should be honoured and always remembered.

For the sixty-eight lost souls, we love you.