Title: No More (01/01)
Author name: E.D. Fiorentino
Category: Angst
Sub Category: Drama
Keywords: Abuse, song lyrics, friendship
Rating: T for language
Summary: Eve's story of betrayal, and the pain of losing someone she once loved. Rated for strong cursing.
DISCLAIMER: The song lyrics and title are from a song that my friend wrote. Everything else is mine.
Author notes: Nothing much to say. Dedicated to the people who make my life worth living.

No More

I can see you
Standing there in the hallway
Looking at me the way you do
I turn away
Softly telling myself
To steer clear

Eve shrugged her backpack onto her shoulders and stepped out into the crowd of people milling through the hallways. Life had seemed so much easier two days ago, back when he still loved her, back when he still smiled at her. But now everything moved so slowly, as though she were stuck in a never-ending bad dream.
It was as though the world was ending.
Holding back tears, the teen let the multitudes of students push her towards her class.
Everything had been perfect. Two days ago, Eve's life seemed so clear to her, a path set in glass.
Yet glass is fragile, and easily broken, as was her heart.
She could see him, leaning against his locker and chatting animatedly with his friends. Through the din, she could hear his deep, powerful voice throbbing. She could see his clear blue eyes, as though he was not but a few feet from her.
His head turned, and those eyes fixed upon her own. Eve felt her cheeks redden, and she looked down at her feet.

If only you had told me
If only you had stayed
We'd still be us
But you took your chance
At having a different life
And you don't matter no more

It had been a difficult task to do, ending it. They had had something wonderful, a relationship that her friends had envied.
But it hadn't felt right. Something wasn't quite the way it should have been.
It hadn't been until she saw him acting funny, while having his arm slung almost too casually over the shoulder of Samantha Briggs. It hadn't been until she saw him kiss her, while his friends stood there laughing.

We had our fun
We were happy but
My happy isn't yours
And you went looking
In all the wrong places
For love, my love

Eve straightened suddenly. He had done something stupid, and now he was paying the price. But it almost seemed as though he was taking advantage of her one last time, where she felt the pain and sadness and he laughed in her face, unaffected by anything.
He'd told her he'd love her forever. He said that she meant the world to him.
Obviously, these were just more of the lies and deceit that he used to mask the true demon within.

You stand before me
Telling me lies
You don't think I see
How stupid you can really be
You're talking
But I hear, "Blah, blah, blah!"

Eve walked up to him. Surprise suddenly flashed across Nick's face as she slapped him hard across the mouth.
"If only you had told me," she said. Her mind was spinning at the force behind the words she spoke. "If only you had stayed."
"But you took your fucking chance!" She was screaming the words now. "You took your chance at a different life!"
"Eve, I-"
The hall had gone mostly quiet. She could feel her limbs tremble in anger.
"And you don't matter no more."
The expression on his face left her feeling elated, almost happy again.

If only you had told me
If only you had stayed
We'd still be us
But you took your chance
At having a different life
And you don't matter no more (Don't matter no more)
You don't matter no more
No more