All grown up.

Good morning, Mrs. Jones.

Sorry to bother you

After all these years,

But is your son home?

I really meant to send a letter—

We lived through all fifth grade together—

Is he elder? Is he better?

Oh, he married Susanne Wether.

Hello there, Ms. Wether-Jones.

'Spose your husband isn't home?

I should have called up front, I know,

The phone lines went down in the snow.

In the shower? No need to go

And get him—just tell him that I've missed him.

My name? Oh no,

Really, that's okay.

I'll be back another day.

Hey there, Junior!

Is your dad in?

No, he isn't?

Life's fun, innit?

Oh my God…

You look just like him.

You think I'm nice?

That's sweet.

Where'd your dad and I first meet?

The fifth grade.

Next year, for you?

You don't say.

You know the girl in the stupid shoes?

You think she's funny?

Sure, okay.

Sorry, kiddo, I can't stay.

Are you really Mr. Jones?

Jesus, Tom, you've really grown.

I've loved you since that day

You held my hand—it was just fifth grade

But I didn't stop for years and years;

That's what's gone and brought me here.

You love me too? I always knew--

I followed my heart, and that bullshit was true!

You married her because I was gone?

Come on, let's go dance around on your lawn

I'll adopt your kid—he's really sweet

I'll know all the people on our street

I'll bake dinners like your mom used to…

Watch me, Tom…I really grew.

Oh! Sorry…really, let me get you a napkin.

I can't believe that I just did that.

I'm really sorry.

All over your nice tie!

I know. I know.



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