The volcano called my heart, it erupted, overflowed

Surging through my veins, a boiling fit, an empowered rage

But it touches not my mind nor the will of mine to think

It catches me not inside this stale, dirty cage

It doesn't have to be like the wind, the wings of a bird

Nor a wolf, prowling, ever hungering for survival

It need not be the song sung with salty tears, with a smile

Just something enough to bring to me a revival

Let not the faith falter in the quest of mine

Speak not, hate not, or forever be branded by shame

A clich├ęd laugh, a quote, a wondrous feeling

Makes me feel frivolous, makes me feel more lame

This is my dragon, serpentine creature of my night's duress

Dancing around the zombies, dark figures, hateful creatures

A pure gold, a silver, a speckled bronze, in all it's wealth

Wandering across mountains, dark caves, jagged features