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The Passage to Earth

By TigHan

Today, Earth is a seemingly pleasant place to live. There is fresh water and clean air. Most of the animal population is still alive. None of the other eight planets known to Earth are as life like or beautiful to live in. As far as humans know, Earth is the only planet in the Milky Way to have life. But what if there was life beyond Earth- a life that was so secretive, even the few who knew about them kept quiet. A life that was so supernatural, it made stories about flying and being able to breath under water seem boring.  If anyone were to ever tell all of the humans about this life, the species would be doomed…

            Humans do not like to have competition. They believe themselves to be the smartest mammals that walk the Earth. Many animals are treated with cruelty; some are put into cages or zoos while others are separated from their mothers, and then destroyed. If there were some type of species that could teach humans their lesson, Earth may have been a better place to live. But there were none…


A child woke up from her sleep and looked out into the world. The sun was just rising over the horizon in the South. Grass was gently swaying in the wind, tangling with nearby wildflowers. The sea was silently crashing onto the sand, with everything in its path being lost. A wild rooster crowed, and the new day had begun.

            The child's name was Ocean. Quietly, she crept over to where the next family slept. Another child was tossing and turning on his mattress. "Landon, can you sleep?" she whispered.

            "Ocean, what are you doing here?" the boy replied.

            "I'm paying you a visit," answered Ocean. "I can't sleep. How about you?"

            "Well, I was sleeping until you woke me up…" Ocean looked at him with raised eyebrows. "Okay, so maybe I can't sleep either. What difference does it make?"

            "It makes all the difference. Something bad is going to happen- but not here. Not now. I'm not sure why I feel it then… Don't we only feel things that are going to happen here, now? It is the most peculiar sensation that I have ever had. But the thing is, I can't tell my parents, and you are the only one I can trust."

            "Why can't you tell your parents?" Landon asked.

            "Well, because they would just say something like, 'oh, your just going through a phase in your life, you'll get over it soon.' I won't get over it soon! I've been getting this feeling for about two weeks, but now it is stronger than ever. I think something bad is going to happen…" Ocean sighed. "Sometimes, I look out into the world and feel as if I don't really belong here, that part of me should be somewhere else. Do you ever get that?"

            Landon stared at her, confused. "Umm, not exactly. I've always been very happy living my life here. Imagine trying to live on a place like Earth! No, I've always been content where I am, thank you very much. Now, seeing as it is just after sunrise and nobody is yet awake, I suggest that you get some more sleep." With these words, he turned his back on Ocean and started to sleep.

            "Some help you are," she muttered under her breath.

            Ocean walked back to her house with a steady, slow pace. Questions with no answers were filling her head. 'What is wrong with me?' 'Is it really just a phase?' 'Should I tell my parents?' And the one question, the darkest, most hidden question that she hoped would never come true- 'What if I get sent to Earth?'

            Ignoring all of the questions that filled her 13-year-old mind, Ocean arrived at her house and sat down on her bed. She looked at her mother, who stirred at the sound of Ocean's footsteps. She hoped that she had not awakened her by getting out of bed too early. After all, Landon was right. It was only just after sunrise.

            As Ocean's eyes travelled across the room that was so familiar to her, they stopped on her mother. She opened her eyes and smiled at Ocean. "Good morning, Ocean. How was your sleep?"

            "It was…good." Ocean decided not to tell her mother about her strange feeling yet. It was too early… and someone else might hear. She decided to tell her when there was no one else around. Her mother would definitely understand, Landon was right about that…it was something she was very good at.

As a matter of fact, Ocean's mother was good at a lot of things most people on Terre were not. Things like fishing, hunting, growing and gathering food, Ocean's mother had a knack for that made other people quite angry, at times. But that wasn't all that was different about the woman people called Dianne.

All of the people on Terre had very distinguished eyes. The iris of their eyes was lavender purple, which automatically singled them out from any human. No one knew exactly why the people on Terre were so different from those on Earth, because they were very similar species, but at the same time no one really tried to find out.

Ocean tried to put the fact that her mother was different from everyone else at the back of her mind, but it was especially hard when she caught Dianne looking at her. She looked into her mother's crystal blue eyes, and then looked away again. Thankful for the breakfast bell that had just rung, Ocean ran out of her house to grab a good seat.

            As the small population of the planet Terre gathered around what they considered 'eating grounds', a tiny man in a long black suit stepped on a high rock and started to speak. All heads turned and the crowd was silent.

            "Ahem," he started, to make sure everyone was listening. "As you all know, the population of Terre has long prided itself because we are not a planet with consistent war and poverty. Our water is clean, and our animals are free, our population is consistent and does not go out of hand. Because of our planet's beauty, we must be kept a secret from Earth.

"You also know, that Earth is only a galaxy away. Earth has another form of life- one that was once ours, but was lost as soon as Adam and Eve stole fruit from the forbidden tree. Humans evolved from that sin, and their impact on Earth has been everlasting. They once knew the kindness that we treat our people and fellow animals with. But they do no longer.

"I have called upon this meeting for a very important reason. One human has discovered the beauty of the planet Terre. One human has set foot on the soil and grass of Terre. One human lives on Terre." The mayor waited as the crowd gasped, and continued. "This human has been living on Terre for quite some time now, but it has only just recently come to the council's attention. Even though we know there is a human present on Terre, we do not know who it is."

As the mayor kept on talking, Ocean's attention wandered to her weird feeling. 'What if I'm the human on Terre?' she wondered. 'What would they do to me? If I am, why hasn't Mother told me?' As her family started to head back to her home, Ocean looked at her mother. For the first time in her life, Ocean realized that her mother was hiding some from her- something big. Not wanting to really admit to herself what she knew was true, the girl shook her head and went inside her hut, where she sat down on her mattress.

"Ocean." Dianne was standing in the door of the room, her eyes full of mist as she spoke. "Ocean, there's something that I've been… meaning to tell you."

"Mom, I… I think I know."

Dianne sat down on the mattress with her daughter and drew in a deep breath. She started to speak. It was custom for the people of Terre to be silent while someone else was speaking. This was no exception. "Ocean, from the day you were born, I have loved you. You and your father mean the world to me- I have no one else. But soon - very soon - I must leave you. I have no choice, but there is somewhere that I need to be. Please do not try to follow me, stay with your father and love him with all of your heart. Never forget that I love you, and that I will always be thinking of you." Now Dianne was at the very edge of tears, and she was drawing long, deep breaths between her sentences to keep from crying.

"Mom… why do you have to go? Where?" Ocean knew that her mother could not and would not tell her, but she had to ask. She had a sneaky suspicion…

"Ocean. You must understand… I am telling you as much as I can. I cannot tell you where I am going, for I know with your curiosity that you would follow. I must go because…" Dianne now burst into tears. Big, sorrowful tears rolled down her cheeks and onto the bed. "I love you, Ocean."

            A/N: There you have it! The first part in a story that was exceedingly difficult for me to write, mainly because of the two main characters, Ocean and Landon. They're so close, but I don't have any guy friends that close, so… I was writing from what I read in books. Please review!