In The Dark

He comes to me in the dark

His footsteps fall like raindrops

Resound to the depths of my soul

Chilling and warming my bones

He comes to me in the night

His lips mouthing the words

Long forbidden, long forgotten

Banished into the depths

He comes to me in the gloom

His fingers beckon like lighthouses

Humming an angel's tune

Doing the devil's work

He comes to me in the dusk

His eyes crucify me like swords

Kindle my black fire

The place in me that only he knows

Black magic

Dark enchantment

Awaken me

Bring me dreams

Close reality

Creature of the darkness

Flirt with light

Take me to my realm

Somewhere I belong

Butterfly of the dark I am

Pinprick of hope in blackness

Born to light

But fated to dark

Come to me my master

My dark knight

My evil angel

My spitfire, my coal

I want you to use me

Abuse me

Hate me

Dominate me

Make me bleed.

For I take comfort in this pain

Solace in your anger

The one place I feel alive

Disperse in light and leave me

An empty, desolate shell of

What I once was, what I could be

Takes his breath out of me

Yet I live through these hours

While the light blinds my eyes, my soul

For I know

He will come for me in the dark.