Fed up.
Sick and tired of the way life has to be,
Of all the suffering I have to see
Every morning when I open the door
See the traffic roar down the street
The environment admits defeat
The destruction of the planet is almost complete.

Fed up.
Had enough of watching children weep
Cos of the arguments they heard when they were supposed to be asleep
When I walk down the street,
I see the bruses forming on a child's face,
I see parents fall from grace,
I see teenage girls in disgrace.

Fed up.
Lost and found in this grimy town
I see windows and walls, smashed and broken down
A teenage tearaways playground
I see their trademarks on the walls
I see the drug-seller come to call
I hear the sirens wail when the children fall.

Fed up.
Caught in a living Hell,
Caught in a spell.
Trapped in a world, with no power to change it
Can't set things right
It just goes on and on, like day to night
Why are people blind? All this is in their sight.

Fed up.
I'm standing alone
Can't seem to get the message home
How will the children act when they are grown?
Can't we be better role models?
Can't we see the example we're giving?
Show them a better way of living.
Get rid of the guilt, be forgiven.