Controlled- Part Two

I cannot win, you cannot lose,
You hold me down, I cannot choose,
You made me yours, you stole my soul,
Without you, I'm no longer whole.

This love is warped, and yet it's right,
The darkness keeps me from the light,
The way you hurt me gives me life,
Cutting through me, like a knife.

I'm too scared to be alone,
In you, I have made my home,
There isn't any other way,
That I would spend my life today.

Perhaps it's sick, no way to be,
But I'm in love with feeling free,
Your grip on me becomes much stronger,
Can I live this way much longer?

I was lonely when you came,
I didn't want to be the same,
I'm too weak to just be me,
So you can tell me who to be.

Closing in, these big white walls,
The me inside becoming small,
Soon I'll be too small to see,
And you will own all that is me.