Forced Smile

I watch all those around me,
Laughter in their face.
Joking with their friends;
It's such a happy place.

Seeing what they wish to,
They haven't got a care.
But something in my smile,
Tells you I'm not there.

The way it's slightly hollow,
Just slightly out of date.
Just a mask for bitterness,
Concealing all this hate.

As much as I condemn them,
For being so cruel, so blind,
I wish I had their closeness,
Or blissful peace of mind.

They take their friends for granted,
Yet keep them all the same.
Confide in them their problems,
While my smile conceals my pain.

My world so cold and hollow,
Their laughter starts again.
I smile and nod and turn away...
As my smile conceals my pain.