My Psalm

This is something
I can't put into words
No matter how hard I try.

The way I saw you
In your light
And you held my hand
warm in your own.

I finally realised how alone
I had been until then.
And the tears of joy
Wouldn't stop running down my cheeks.

No words could ever do you justice
Because you are so beyond us
That we can't comprehend you.

And when I was standing there
In front of a thousand people
I just wanted to scream your name
To shout out to the world
That YOU loved me!

And I bowed my head before your splendour
But at the same time
I knew I was with my very best friend.

It was like I had come home
From a long and tiring journey
Into the arms of the one I loved.

My eyes were opened
I could finally see the wonder of your creation
And I sung to you.
For you.
As if no-one could hear.