One person I hate most in my life
This someone who makes me pick up a knife
He sings to me when I'm trying to sleep
And makes me scream and silently weep

His name is Mr. Regret; he comes to me each day
Whatever I'm doing, wherever I am, he's always ready to play
Please go, I shout in fear; make this misery leave me soon
But instead he grabs the bowl of regret and feeds me another spoon

I can't help myself to stop these dreadful things
'Don't worry my dear, , he gently sings
It's my entire fault; I've done so wrong
But Mr. Regret ignores; he ends his song

'Lets take the train' he smiles insane
Lets take a fun trip on my toy train
NO I yell; he doesn't hear my call
He is bigger than me, heavy and tall

He takes my hand and guides me to the door
What have I done? What is this for?
But the train is moving and I can't get away
So I watch my regrets everyday