Hey *****
What's up girl?
No way!
Wow.... Watcha gonna do?

You thought you could have some fun
But pain is all you won
Emotional now, physical later
How you gonna explain how you made her?
She has a right to live
And I'm grateful your letting her live
But try to see from her point of view
Nothing's changed, nothings new
This has happened before, and will happen again
Men haven't changed - Men will be men
They don't care about consequences and never will
Now your feeling so ill
It's not even morning and your sick
Your strength is gone, your at the end of your wick
How can you go on?
I'm pregnant
You heard me
Yeah way
I'm keeping her.

Just in case you didn't notcie the person talking at the begining and the person talking at the end are talking to each other. I just wanted to keep the shock to the end, in case you didn't realize what I was trying to say.
No, I'm not pregnant, a 17 year old girl in one of my classes is. I took out her name, because I'm not a mean person, and I'm not gonna tell the world.
This poem is just me expressing my shock, and how I feel. I think it's bad that she's pregnant, but at least she's not going to murder it, and move on. She's going to be a really humane, caring and strong person and go through with her mistake and I respect her for that.