One day, Justin woke up and realized that he wasn't in love with Rebekha any more. He treasured the time they'd had together, but he didn't want to stay in her school or spend all his time with her any more.
He moved back to his mansion and went back to a career in writing music. He did write a song about Rebekha and what it was like to have a first crush, but he never felt that way about her again.
Although Andrea was embarrassed about the musical for about a week, everyone was really nice to her about it. After all, it wasn't her fault she had stage fright. Although it was very embarrassing, everyone including Andrea knew it was the sort of thing she'd laugh at in 50 years. Helen knew she was a very talented choreographer, but she knew that for high school level at least, she would try to keep things simple. She did continue to choreograph things for fun, though, and occasionally helped the cheerleaders with routines.
As for Rebekha, she continued to write stories, but didn't post any of them online anymore.
Hi. My name is Rebekha. I've been trying to live my life through my stories, and now I realize I can't do that. I can't try to control people through what I write, and I have to let people live their own lives. Therefore, I won't be posting here anymore. Judging from the reviews I've gotten, I don't think that many people will miss me.
I've discovered I love writing, and I will continue to write, even if I don't post it here.
I know I end most of my stories with the words "the end" but I won't end this one, because there is no end. I'll continue to live my life, and my friends will continue to live their lives. There will be good times, and bad times, but no happy ending.