Fuck You

By Crystal Snowflakes

Author's Notes: This is just a rant after what my ex-boyfriend said to me...  (Something disgusting that I'm sure NO girls would EVER want those words to be said to them, and I don't think any guy will swoop that low to insult a girl.)  Plus, I'm listening to Eminem while writing this, so you can only imagine how much profanities there are...  I'm sorry for those that aren't use to swearing.  If you aren't, please don't read it.  Thank you.

You know what?

Fuck you.

Yeah, you.

You think you're the shit,

Cracking jokes with your friends,

Ignoring my existence.

Guess what?

Fuck you.

I'm sick of you too.

I can't believe after all I've done,

You called me a loser.

I tried to talk to my friend,

So I could know you better,

Because you talk to her so much.

But why did I even bother?

I mean, did you even want me to know you?

I admit,

I never knew you at all.

But guess what?

Don't think you know me either.

When my parents yell at me,

And I tell you,

You tell me:

"They do that for your own good".

You think I don't know?

But you don't know this,

Do you, fucker?

Do you know my brother,

Yes my beloved brother.

He yells at me every fucking minute of the day,

Telling me I'm a fucking retard?

Do you know my mother,

The woman that bore me,

Yells at me because of lovely sibling?

She doesn't yell at him,

But at me.

But you don't know that, do you?

Yet you think you think you know everything.

You don't know shit.

You're such a fucking bastard.

I know I'm not pretty,

But I'm not really that ugly, am I?

I'm not smart,

But I'm still smarter than you.

Don't be such a fucking hypocrite.

Because you end up sounding like a fucking retard.

Never in my life,

Have I regretted anything I've done.

Except dating you.

I thought you were the best thing,

The best thing in my life.

Ironic how you weren't.

Ironic how you were the worst thing.

I'm not crying,

For I don't think you deserve it.

But I am laughing.

Laughing at how ironic the world is.

Yes, my life is perfect,

So fucking perfect.

I love my life so much,

You have no fucking idea.

Do you notice the fucking sarcasm?

I hope you do,

I really hope you do.

Fuck you,

I hope you fucking rot in hell.

Don't think you know me,

Cause you don't fucking know me.

I hate you so much,

And that's funny,

Because I've never really hated.

Never in my life.

I hate having loved you,

I hate having dated you.

If there was one thing I could change,

In this fucking life,

It would be you.

So fuck you, Tetsu.