Through the shadows wander I
Beneath the dark arch of the sky
Along the river, through the woods,
Moving on, as all things should.

Through the shadows, through the night,
Through the darkness, towards the light.
Over mountain I wander free,
Under star and over sea.

Through the shadows wander I,
Hearing people moan and sigh
In remembrance of what used to be
When I could speak and hear, touch and see.

Through the shadows, past the fire,
Past my body upon the pyre,
Just as night passes to day again
Death passes to life the same.

Through the shadows, down the path
What is death if this is the aftermath?
Shouldn't there be tears? Shouldn't there be pain?
Why exist these things when we come again?

Through the shadows, into the embrace,
Of the Lady with the Triple Face.
She who is virgin, mother and crone,
She who reaps, she who has sown.

Through the shadows I wander free
To where the Goddess calls for me
She who cut me with Her scythe
She who will reassign me to life.

Through the shadows I wandered where I could
Till I met the Horned One of the Wood.
Upon my spirit he set his sight
And led me on through the night.

Through the shadows, over vale,
Through the shadows, through the dale
Through the woodland we advanced
Onwards and upwards in a spiral dance.

Through the darkness to where the sacred woods grow,
To where the druids harvest the mistletoe.
To where the stone circle stands up proud
As the Wiccans dance around.

Through the darkness I watch the seasons change,
From Ostara to Beltane,
Full cycle turns the wheel of life
The seed is sown and grown and falls to scythe

Through the shadows to where my days end,
No fear, I know I will come again.
Through the shadows, into the light
The Lord and the Lady keep me in sight.

Through the shadows I wander free,
For a master of shadows I used to be,
I who knew of water and fire, air and earth
Now move on and wait for rebirth.

Through the shadows when all is done and said,
Through the shadows when I am dead.
The mortal thread is cut to set me free
The Lord and Lady call for me.

Through the shadows wander I,
Beneath the dark arch of the sky.
And as I walk I hold out my hand
To be led into the Summerland.