Warning: I don't believe in religion, but from the outside, this how it
seems to me. As in, once there was an ideal, a theory of how it all came
about, but with money and power it was lost. So if you're offended, it is
your own fault for not heeding this warning. Lack of capitals is

*Cast out*

i found jesus
cast out in the cold
the prayers that feel from dry, priest lips
where not meant for him
just meant for deception
i found jesus
somewhere in my head
some words that he had spoken
in my heart I feel could be true
if only everyone was a sheep to me
and able to forgive, love, and forget
i found jesus
but not in that book
that one that was written
with no thought of the future
he lay on his side,
and bled from the lies
And the hypocrisy that religion creates
i found jesus
huddled on his belly
and dying
and fading.