smell the lovely decadence
off rotting flesh and
rotting hearts;

softly now, so as
not to wake the sleeping child
he'll just scream with you
as the black locusts swarm from
the back of his throat

to the ark
leave the dead behind
don't look down on Gomorrah

don't listen to their
screams, girl; don't watch the waters
swelling and rising
washing over everything
killing sinners and children

as you stand on deck unscathed
by all but the rain
cooling your

walk slowly numbly
go feed your animals, girl;
the King wants his meat
fresh killed gazelle but the queen
is still seasick so

you'll just have to sacrifice
lambs for the lion
don't let blood

stand lookout with none
but you who survived, and them
the bloated corpses
you pretend not to see float
as you watch the sky

from above
flies the divine sign
Ishtar has released the sparrow

your doves flock no more
trembling to the olive branch
blessedly alive
unlike the weaver's daughter
and so many others

aloud now
in joy and in pain
released to a land no longer

any more than the
lost city of Atlantis
just more lost and less
romantic; just ruins now
of a sinner's world

washed off of ours
replaced by some god's promise
of a pale rainbow