There I lay, still and motionless
Defeated on the damp forest floor.
I sob until I can sob no more
And believe I have walked my last.

As my fingers cling to my matted hair,
I feel a touch- so faint, so real.
Startled, I look up in time to behold
A vision of light as it fades.

My curiosity is piqued, and my legs find strength.
I walk towards the passed vision, then stop.
A voice, unfamiliar, speaks my name so softly-
Barely audible, and still intense with emotion.

There, in the shadow, I see a masculine form.
I stare and note the race of my pulse.
Two eyes steadily hold my gaze
And draw me in closer, closer.

I find myself numb in the shaded grey,
Enchanted by those striking eyes.
Wintry forest reflected in the glassy mist
Turns soft meadow as I gaze in his eyes.

Darkness around me gives way to light;
New strength I find in the warmth of his features.
There lies before me the form of profound Love
That rests calm, composed in those eyes.