Surrender myself to the rain
No more problems
No more pain

I could fall on upturned faces
They sit alone
In lonely places

I'll be quiet when I drop
Lay alone
On the roof top

Listen patently as children cry
Screaming up
Up at the sky
Follow the sadden figures walking
No place to go
No one is talking

The only sound is the quiet night
Is going to be alright

We all know in the back of our heads
That this loneliness
Still slowly spreads

The victims of regret and defeat
Walk silently
Down the dark street

I'll watch them all from distant eyes
Glad that I escaped
From all the lies

Now I regret having withdrawn
I miss my life
I should have held on

I miss the emotion and the cold
The mystery of life
Which is still untold

So now I stare with blank empty eyes
Into the world
Of guilt pain and lies

I'll do it right no questions how
I had given up
Up until now

One more chance to get this right
This time around
I'll sit in the light

I will still look up at the rain
And I'll get the feeling
I cannot explain

But this time the rain is gonna fall on my upturned face
And I'm making sure
I'm savoring its embrace

I'll learn to love life's complications
And no more running
From hesitations

I've found a new way to escape the fear
And this time around
I'm going to stay here