Through day and night
I feel the wind.
The peaceful might
Will never bend

It is within
My heart and soul.
I cannot win
This lovely goal.

The wind sees me,
And with a smile,
It waits to see
Me wait awhile.

The wind is strong
And gives me pain.
Is it wrong
To have no gain?

I want the wind
To hold it close.
My life I lend
To end the woes.

I can't go far
Without the wind
And see the star
That I'll defend

It hurts so much:
No wind around!
I need that touch,
I need that sound.

I search the days
For wind I love.
And set my gaze
On skies above.

But then I see
The wind is here.
To a degree
It's always near.

With this new glow
My heart shall mend
For now I know
You caught the wind.