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Chapter 1: Prologue


"The sun will be blinded by black clouds, they will cover the whole sky leaving not a patch of blue revealed. The sky will darken, not a trace of light will be found. The creatures of evil will roam the earth freely leaving their imprisonment of the human mortals that would be enslaved instead of them. The races of Demons and Vampires will conquer the earth and all that lives in it. Soon they will rule the universe and all who revolt will be killed."

The students of Chirasaki high school, who were in their History class now, stared up in amazement at the teacher. Never before had such a paragraph been read to them, an never again probably.

"That concludes our study on the era no one knows about. You should already know that this was a 'prophecy' from the early 500s. It was discovered by an archeologist by the sea side in England in the early-"

Kikari dosed off as the teacher kept reading on about how the "prophecy" was found. All seemed dumb to her, how would she use it in her life anyway? The bell rang, which snapped her back into reality, it was time for lunch. She glanced at her friend Kiri and smiled. Kiri smiled back.

"Lets go!" Kikari said as both girls dashed out of the room.

Kikari was a girl with raven black hair and ice blue eyes. She was medium height and had medium colored skin. She always wore black pants (not the same every time though) and either a dark blue or red top. She was wearing a dark blue top today. She never wore makeup but wore a mood necklace with a skull in the middle and a black bracelet with small spikes on it.

Kiri had black hair and red eyes. She also was medium height and medium skinned. Her style was almost the same as Kikari's except she wore either a lavender or red top. She was wearing a lavender top today. She also had a black, spiked bracelet. Both girls wanted to let people know who they were and that they worked together so that's what the bracelets were for. They were both 16. They were part of an all girl gang of bullies, and the top two in the group, there were five in all.

They weren't the kind of bullies that took lunch money; they thought that it was too dumb since they had their own money. They would break into their teachers' rooms at night and destroy their things in a way that wouldn't be suspected. They would hurt all those who looked at them in a strange way or tried to tell a teacher about what they did and they picked on kids younger than them, and for all of that and other reasons they were feared. Also, because they were girl bullies, and smart ones at that, a lot of the guys liked them.

The girls in the group were: Kikari, Kiri, Ashley, Shani, and Trija. They all dress the same way (Black pants and a colored top) and everyone except Kikari and Kiri had different bracelets, and they all had black hair. Which also meant that you couldn't miss them.

"So Kiri, how 'bout us and the girls go out for pizza tonight?" Kikari suggested.

Kiri smiled, "Great! Spread the news!" she agreed.

Kikari smirked, "Have it your way." She looked at a passing boy. "Hey you!" she called.

The boy stopped dead in his tracks. "Y-yes?" the boy turned around to reveal a horrified face.

Kiri giggled, "Leave him alone, we could just use Stephen." She said.

"Oh yeah! Hey kid, I'll let you off easy, go tell Stephen, you should know who he is, to find me 'cause I need to tell him something." Kikari told the boy.

The boy nodded, but before he could run off a boy with black hair and black eyes appeared next to the boy and held him back. "No need." The other boy said. He had a very deep voice and was slightly taller than Kikari and Kiri. The boy ran off as the other boy let go.

"There you are! Stephen, go tell the girls to meet at the pizza place tonight at 6:00. Oh pick me and Kiri up too, my car broke down." Kikari said.

Stephen nodded and ran off in the other direction. He was the only friend they had that wasn't a girl, well there was also a boy named Vincent, but he rarely hung out with them.

The bell rang signaling the end of lunch. "I'll see ya after school then!" Kiri said as she ran to the direction of her math class leaving Kikari to go to English class.

~~5:30 that night~~

"Kikari! Kiri! Stephen's here!" Kikari's mom yelled from down stairs. Both girls were in Kikari's room getting ready. Kikari's hair was up in two buns and she was wearing black pants and a red tank top.

Kiri's hair was up in a messy bun and she was wearing black pants and a red tank top also. "We're coming mom!" Kikari yelled down at her mother.

"Lets go!" Kiri said starting to run down the stairs.

"Kiri! You forgot your wallet chain!" Kikari reminded hooking her own wallet chain to her wallet and handing Kiri her wallet chain.

"Thanks!" Kiri said panting and then ran down stairs followed by Kikari.

"Bye mom!" Kikari yelled as she and Kiri ran out the door and to Stephen's black convertibe.

"What took you?" Stephen asked.

"Nothing." Both girls said together as they hopped in the back seat.

"Now, where is this place again?" Stephen asked scratching his head.

Kiri rolled her eyes, "Make a right on the street coming up, I think." She said.

Stephen made a right. It was a bit foggier than before but that didn't bother them. When they came to a place called "Vary's Pizza", Stephen parked his car next to some other ones.

"Are you sure this is the right place?" Kikari asked eyeing the small strange building.

"It IS a pizza place. Lets have a look inside." Stephen suggested.

The three got out of the car and walked to the door of the pizza place. Kikari got a chilly feeling, "I have a bad feeling about this. This place is freaking me out, lets go." She said.

"Come on Kari, ya scared of a pizza place?" Kiri asked mockingly.

Stephen opened the door, "It looks normal to me." He said walking in, Kiri followed.

"I have a bad feeling about this." Kikari repeated, following her two friends.

The door closed behind them. It looked like a normal pizza restaurant; it had games and pool tables. Nothing was strange about it. There were only a few people there.

"The girls aren't here yet. Lets wait for them outside." Kikari suggested eager to get away from the strange pizza place.

Kiri rolled her eyes, "I'll call them." She said as she pulled her cell phone out and dialed a number. After a few moments she hung up. "Damn! No reception!" She yelled.

"Lets just call them outside." Stephen said.

"Yes! Please!" Kikari agreed.

Kiri put he cell phone away and crossed her arms over her chest, "Whatever." She muttered.

Kikari was the first one to get to the door. She hesitated, and then opened the door. As soon as she did she saw black smoke everywhere. "What the hell? Fog isn't black!" she yelled.

"No, it isn't." a voice said. The three teenagers stared at the fog in amazement. Suddenly the black smoke was lifted and plain dirt was all that could be seen.

"I'm so going back inside now!" Kiri said. She turned around and was startled to find that nothing was there.

"What the hell?!" Stephen yelled, who had also looked back.

Kikari looked around trying to find the source of the voice they had heard.

Suddenly in a puff of black smoke, a man, he seemed around 20, appeared in front of them. He had straight greenish black long hair. His eyes were a golden color and he was wearing what seemed like a white robe.

"Who the hell are you?" Kiri asked.

"I am Tinaka, you have been summoned to the Makai by my father, he is one of the rulers here." The man explained.

"Wait a minute, Makai? Doesn't that mean Demon world?" Kikari asked.

"Why yes. It does." Tinaka answered.

"Whoa! Freaky!" Kikari said.

"Yeah, like that exists." Stephen murmered.

"I wouldn't doubt that the Makai exist seeing as though you are in it." Tinaka said, "Please, follow me."

"Wait, why should we trust you?" Kiri asked.

"Because if you don't, you might trust someone distrust able." Tinaka answered simply.

"Yeah, but-" Stephen began.

"Lets just trust him for now." Kikari suggested, "I can tell he won't kill us, yet. Although he might want to kill Stephen, that'd be enjoyable for anyone!"


"It's only truth!"


"Shut up!" Kiri yelled, "Lead on, Tinaka."

Tinaka smiled, "As you wish."


"The human race will fall. That it will. I shall see to it. No one will stop me."

"But lord, there are some who could stop you!"

"Silence! That is why they must die! We must wipe out the demon race! Then we will move on to the human race!"

"But lord! We will need the demon race in the end!"

"True, then we will kill some of them! Send out your demon killers!"

"As you wish lord!"


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"What are we?!" the three teenagers yelled together.


"They think they can wipe the human race off the face of the earth, we must stop them, if they wipe off the human race we also will die out,"



"Are you crazy?! We can't do that! Why don't you ask someone else to find the stupid thing! Whatever the hell it is!"


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