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Chapter 2


"Where are we going again?" Stephen asked. They were walking, even though it seemed they weren't getting anywhere.

Tinaka shook his head, he was clearly annoyed, "We are going to meet my father somewhere around here. He will explain everything to you." He answered.

"Uh-huh, whatever." Stephen muttered.

~~**~~ Half an hour later ~~**~~

They approached a small cave where, Tinaka claimed, his father would be meeting them. As they entered a figure became clear to them. Like Tinaka he had greenish black hair and golden colored eyes. He seemed a bit old, around his 40s. He was wearing a black robe.

"Hello father." Tinaka greeted.

"Tinaka." The man nodded, "These must be the ones."

"Yes father. But we haven't been properly introduced yet." Tinaka replied, "This is my father." He told the teenagers.

"Hi. I'm Kikari, this is Kiri and Stephen." Kikari introduced.

"Hello. I am Shinaka." Tinaka's father greeted.

"Hmm, sounds familiar." Stephen said.

"Shut up Stephen." Kiri told her friend.

"Okay, so father would you like to explain to them why they are here?" Tinaka asked.

"Ah, yes. Of course." Shinaka murmured, "You are here because we need your help."

"Yeah, but why us?" Kikari asked.

"You are the only Youkais left in the human world, you were born for this purpose." Shinaka answered.

"Wait, youkais? Dosen't that mean demons?" Kiri asked.

"Yes, that is what you are." Tinaka said, speaking for his father.

"What are we?!" the three teenagers yelled together.

"It is exactly as you heard it." Shinaka replied, "Now, you must help us, but first I must explain the origin of what is now Youkais and other races.

"In the beginning there was a god. Now, he was bored of living by himself so he created two dominant races for his amusement. These races are known today as Youkai, or Demon, and Kyuketsuki, or Vampire. And from those two races the ningens, or humans were created and among those ningens youkai also lived in peace. But the ningens never found out about youkais or kyuketsukis. As life progressed, the two races got into a fight and ended up being enemies, even until today. The god was highly amused with the blood spray but the youkais were not. They complained to the god and he decided to listen to them and created a special orb. The orb of eternal peace it was called.

"Although he created this, no peace would come until it was found, for the god had hidden it somewhere where only three youkais could find it. And these youkais couldn't be any youkais, but the only youkais left in ningenkai, the human world. Determined to find peace, a youkai by the name of Rikona decided to kill all that was left of the ningenkai dwelling youkais. He did not succeed for he was imprisoned by the ruler in Makai at the time."

"Yes, but now the race of kyuketsukis want to kill all humans and have themselves a feast." Tinaka explained, "They think they can wipe the human race off the face of the earth, we must stop them. If they succeed then we also will die."

"Why?" Kiri asked.

"We are connected to them. It was the youkais that created the ningens. They are linked to us." Shinaka replied.

"That is where you three come in. you must find the orb of eternal peace and restore peace forever." Tinaka said.

"Are you crazy?!" Stephen yelled, "We can't do that! Why don't you ask someone else to find the stupid thing?! Whatever the hell it is!"

"That is the point. You three are the last living youkais in ningenkai. You are the ones that will find it." Shinaka explained.

"How do we know where it is?" Kikari asked. She thought that finding an orb was much better than going to school. Plus, it involved world peace right?

"I will come with you." Tinaka answered, "But only in the beginning. You will find it on your own."

"How long will this take?" Kiri asked, she too was eager to miss school.

"A year at the least." Shinka answered.

"Oh yeah!!!!!! That means no school!" Kikari and Kiri yelled together and gave eachother a high five.

"Does that mean you agree?" Tinaka asked.

"Hell ya!" Kiri answered.

"Fine, but what about our school work?" Stephen asked.

"Yeah right! Stephen's concerned about school, that's a first." Kikari muttered.

"You shouldn't worry about that, time in Makai goes faster than that in ningenkai." Tinaka replied.

"Well that settles it! We're off to find the wizard of oz!" Stephen said.

Kiri and Kikari stared at him. "Baka." They both muttered. (Baka=idiot)


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