A delicate, wet rose in the rain;

The grieve and sorrow is driving me insane.

The clutter of emotions is piercing me like knives.

I ache for one more chance, but it's too much for you to try.

The redness of a rose, like blood.

I'm surrounded by it, like a flood.

Please, someone come and save me!

But no own comes, just the hollow echo of my plea.

My tears blending with blood and rain;

The only thing I feel is pain.

Striving and gagging to breath.

Hoping for the light of death.

Like a bloody red rose,

With thorns for every misery.

The steady beat of the rain,

Suffocates me with pain

He hurt me,

He backstabbed me,

He lied to me,

He used me.

Tears roll down as I cry.

My body numbing, as it slowly dies.

Like the rose in bitter depression.

Stuck with the helpless obsession,

I'm bleeding my own tears.

Trembling, with misery and fear.

Now I close my eyes and sleep

Ending all my pain that caused me to weep.

The rain cries,

And the rose begins to die.