Voices are heard in the passing

Anger twists thought the air,

Peace forever missing. . .  wanting

Seeks all its victims through fear.

Walking through familiar places

Walls crashing don't day by day,

Nothing but destruction. . .  watching

The place missed the most slipped away.

Shadows twinkle in the moonlight

Images race through the world,

Everything falling away. . .  drowning

All hope that once was disappeared.

Worlds on the edge of existence

Boundaries tested though time,

Scrambling to comprehend. . .  searching

Minds gripping for what they can't find.

Chaos echoes in the darkness

Silence deafening in the light,

Everything empty. . .  dissolving

Home disappeared through the fight.

Mirrors positioned together

Faces float empty in the air,

Faces full of nothing. . .  longing

Humanity long ago disappeared.