Sky of mercy…

Grant me one wish.

I'm a shadow, a whisper on the breeze...I want to be free like that. I want to fly from here…I am the wind. One day, I shall be free…

No one noticed a young girl standing on the edge of a cliff. Her clothes were tattered, her hair long and wind blown. It was sad and sweet, but once you know the story complete, you'll see things differently.

Kodokaze Arawasu was ready to plunge from the precipice when she heard a scream from somewhere behind her. Turning, the wind whipping her violet hair across her eyes, she saw a small child running frightened, a wolf bearing down on him. He looked to be worse off than she was and the sight of a child in distress tugged at her heart.

"I am the wind." She held her hands before her chest, forming a triangle with her fingers around her heart. "I am the wind. Let me blow off death. Let me save the boy."

From her hands, the wind of her soul. The wolf's fur bristled and it stopped in its tracks. The little boy, unaware of the girl on the cliff, kept right on running. He realized too late that he had reached the edge of the overhang. Tried to stop.

Time stood still for a moment. Kodokaze whirled to see the boy teetering on the edge. "No!" He turned at the sound of her shout, fear apparent in his eyes, then plunged off the edge, clawing at the at the ground as he fell.

"He will not die, Jihi." Kodokaze whipped a feather from her belt and flung it over the cliff. Then she herself jumped, following the feather. It grew in size, sprouting into a pair of wings which attached themselves to her back. She dove after the child, stretching her arms.

"Y-you saved me." The child stuttered, "You flew. You saved me…"

Her wings cracked on the wind as she beat them. "Yes. I saved you." She said slowly. Then she looked up, her eyes roaming through the vast grayness of the sky, her face lit with defiance. "I would not let him die, Jihi."