"Gityu! Where in the good world do you think you've been!"

            The old god turned, a smile on his wrinkled face.. The Three Sisters were standing there, resplendent in somehow otherworldly greens, blues, and reds. Fawerui the Waterer had a smug smile on her face as she crossed her arms. "You were with mortals again, weren't you, old one?"

            Gityu cackled in glee. "I can't help it! I just can't! They're so amazing, how they've learned to cope without us. You should've seen the places I was! Entire villages of thieves! The things they've come up with…and the people! The people are just amazing. And the stories they tell! They have a million different ideas of the Beginning, all of which are right! And the things they overlooked…I called myself Oberon, the Distant King, and not a one even began to guess I am The One Who Woke!"

            "They won't be without us long," Brahaui the Nurturer said. "Not now that it's been started."

            "What's been started, then?" Gityu asked, his eyes still twinkling.

            "You must know," Sehegdui the Planter said solemnly. "Azon fell, did you not know?"

            Gityu shook his head. "Oh, I knew," he said. "I knew. But it's been rebuilt! There is a Queen, a King! Quite resilient people, Queen Sayna Rian and King Ezekial!"

            "It's a marvel the two of them are alive at all," Brahaui said, her voice suddenly sharp. "And we have the Nameless Enchantress to thank for that!"

            "Well, then thank the Us we left her alive, then," Gityu said wearily. "But if Azon is rebuilt…then what is started?"

            The Three Sisters looked at each other for a long moment. "R'naya," Fawerui said finally.

            "What about The Lonely One?"

            "She's left us," Fawerui said.

            "Azon," said Sehegdui gravely. "Was only the beginning."




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