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Chapter 2

" Help her." Demanded someone from behind me, and I turned around slightly.
The man who had been down on the ground was behind me. Well, right off I could tell that it was his spirit, since you usually don't see the buildings and scenery through a flesh and blood person, but if you really want to get specific, it was him, since after all, it was the spirit that allowed the body to live. He came to about my shoulder, and he did not have the bullet wounds in his chest and stomach, something that I was glad for. I looked to the woman, who had opened her eyes and was staring at me, but she seemed not to see him at all. Lucky me.
" Help her!" He insisted, balling his hands up into fists. " It's my fault that I got killed, and I want her out of here before they go back for her. Get her out of here now!"
I turned back to the woman, who had blood all over her turquoise shirt and some on her hands. She wiped her eyes, creating twin marks of red under her eyes. " Is he really dead? Can't you save him?" She asked, her voice getting stronger, as if just my being there made everything better. I suppose, if she were Christian, it did. There were still some these days that had strong faith.
" I cannot bring back what has passed over." I said sincerely, and she nodded slightly, sitting back on her heels, taking a deep breath and letting it out.
" We should go, and call this in. It-" Her breath ran out as she stood, her eyes still on the body. " It is what Will would have wanted." She looked at me, and I saw that she was the same height as Will, came just under my shoulder. " Should we go to your apartment or mine?"
I was quite taken back, let me tell you. It was not often that I heard those words, and certainly not in this situation, though I knew that was not the context in which she meant them. I searched for words as I picked my coat up from the ground, folding it over my arm.
" Yours, I suppose, if we're going to call anywhere. I don't have a phone." I said, looking over my back. Will nodded and I turned back to the woman. " I can fly you there, since it might look suspicious if we walked away from here and you were covered in blood."
She nodded, a small smile playing around her lips. " Yes, I suppose you could fly me. Good thing I left my balcony door open tonight." She stepped towards me, and I could see the small scar by her mouth, a hole and a line, as if someone had pricked her with something and she had jerked away from it. " I didn't want the cats getting overheated."
I almost made a face, but schooled my expression in time. I hated cats. They had fur, and tails, and claws. I used to be allergic to them, but I got over that. Becoming an angel does that to you. And besides, cats never really liked me anyway, so I decided to make the feeling mutual.
" Well then, I guess we should go now." I said, handing her my coat. " It gets cold up in those air currents. You'll want this." She took it, the black leather falling to her feet and crumpling on the ground, she was so short.
She giggled at herself. " I feel like a child trying on Daddy's coat." She said, looking up at me yet again, but this time she had real joy in her eyes. " I dreamed of flying when I was younger, but I never thought that it would really happen."
I stepped forwards and bent down, then straightened back up with her in my arms, like I was indeed carrying a child. She put her arms around me, the sleeves of my leather duster pushed to her wrists so that she could clasp her hands behind my neck for stability. Her fingers tickled the skin at the back of my neck, and teased the nape where my hair started growing. I crouched a bit, shifted her into a better carrying position, and then jumped, snapping open my wings with a resounding crack. I flapped a few times, and then found an air current that twisted up, riding it.
" I live on Oak Street, the really big red building with the black iron fence." She yelled into my ear, since the wind was rushing about is, whistling and making it rather hard to hear.
I knew exactly where that was. There had been a murder in front of the building a year ago, and I hadn't seen it, but I had felt it. It had been a girl and her boyfriend, and they had been kissing. He had stabbed her with a switchblade as he kissed her, over and over as she screamed into his mouth. I hadn't been there, but I had felt it, and her fear and pain and anguish as the one she loved betrayed her. I hadn't felt clean for months after that.
Nodding to the woman in my arms, I swooped to another current and rode it, occasionally raising or lowering myself with small adjustments of my wings. Soon enough, since we weren't really far from her home, I saw it, and the open balcony that she had been talking about. I tucked my wings tight against my body and dove for the stone platform, snapping them open again at the last second to fill them with air and slow our descent, and hopefully make our landing a bit graceful. It was enough, I landed on my feet and caught my balance before I dumped us both face first onto the balcony floor. I set her down, and saw that her mouth was open in breathlessness, her cheeks a bright pink of joy. She started laughing as she caught her breath, and placed her hand on my chest as she steadied her legs.
" That was wonderful! Oh my!" She laughed as she looked towards the open doors, laughing herself out as she walked through them, turning and beckoning me in.
The house was a warm and vivid place, the walls a somber brick red with no trim at all, the carpets a soft cream color. The curtains all were the same cream color, and she had wall hangings of Chinese and Japanese varieties alike, even one that looked to be German as well. Shelves bore books of many kinds and on top of the shelves were candles matching the decor of the living room. There was a couch off to the side, it looked to be a futon, the kind that folded into a bed when desired. Opposite of it was a tv and a stereo system, with both a cd and record collection next to that. I decided to like it.
" Hello, 911?" I heard her voice from the other room. " Yes, I live on Oak Street and I heard gunshots a few minutes ago. Could you please send someone out to check on it?" Her voice was calm and soft, though business like. " Of course. I am Kyria Leson, and I live on Oak Street, the Taylor Building, Room 12. Thank you."
She came out of one of the back rooms that the hallway led to, my jacket gone off her. " I put it in my bedroom, it got a little blood on it, and while it may match the decor, they might be sending police here to get my statement on the gunshots, especially considering what they'll find." She laughed, and it was dry, as if her tears had meant nothing.
" Won't you be connected to him, wasn't he your boyfriend?" I asked, hoping to get some kind of emotion out of her that didn't seem contradictory to what I had seen upon first meeting her.
" No." She said simply. " He was my boyfriend, but no one knew that we were going out. No one knows that we even know each other. It was kind of one of those hush hush things." She shrugged, her hair sticking to her bloody shirt. " I didn't mind, really, as long as I got him."
I nodded as if I understood, but I really didn't. I looked around to see if Will was there again, but he wasn't. I figured he could give me answers, but it looked like there was none of him left on this plane, that it had all passed to wherever it was that he was going.
" Look, I'm gonna take a shower and get changed. I got some blood on you as well," Kyria pointed to my shirt and I nearly cursed. I had worn my nice shirt, the blue silk one, and she had indeed gotten blood on it. " There's a second bathroom in the guest room, if you want to use it. I think there's some extra shirts of mine that'll fit you, if you don't mind wearing old Mickey Mouse shirts."
I shook my head, still resentful of the destruction of my favorite shirt. " Mickey Mouse shirts?" I asked, an eyebrow arched.
She blushed. " Oversized shirts that I use as nightshirts." She disappeared into the hallway and came back with three towels, handing me two. " One for you and one for your wings." She explained, and I nearly thanked her for her insight, but instead took myself off to the shower.
I took my time in it, as it had been long since I had gotten a proper hot one. My shower at home spouted lukewarm water at best, and then it came in spurts, never really pounding on my back and shoulders like this one did, massaging and boiling away the tension knots that I had in my back muscles. I was so preoccupied with relaxing that I did not hear the door open, or perhaps it had been because I hadn't shut it at all.
Turning around to get my face wet and start the washing, I found myself face to face with Kyria, her red towel wrapped around herself and secured by tucking the ends in. Her hair was wet and wound up into a bun, though wisps had escaped and straggled around her face, down her neck and shoulders. She looked at me with those jewel toned blue eyes of hers, then let them travel down the length of my body. She blushed and stifled a giggle.
" So it's true then? You really are man shaped in all aspects, angels are." She raised her eyes again, sparing me any more embarrassment. " And as such, do you have desires like men?"
I knew what she was asking, but I did not answer it but to wrap my wings around my body and calmly put the shower curtain back into place. She left it like that, but did not leave the bathroom, instead, talked to her cats, who had come to join her. I soaped myself up, rinsed myself down, taking care that none of the soap got on my wings, even though they were wet as well. I turned off the shower and fluttered them sharply, many times, making sure that I got most of the moisture out of them. Now all I would need to do was leave them out to air dry and make sure that I lotioned the skin underneath them.
I wrapped the towel around my waist. Even though Kyria had already seen me, I didn't feel quite comfortable walking naked around her. I stepped out of the shower, my wings half raised to dry. " I don't suppose you have any lotion, would you?"
Kyria laughed and nodded, taking my hand and drawing me into her bedroom. She sat me down on her bed, a tall thing for such a short woman, and went into her bathroom, coming back out with a bottle of stuff. She sat behind me and I heard her open the bottle.
" That's my job." I said stiffly, feeling her part the feathers on my left wing and apply a little bit of lotion, rubbing in in ever so tenderly.

" A job you've been neglecting, as I can see. If you could look at these wings of yours, you'd cry in shame." She said a matter of factly, rapping me on the shoulder when I tried to turn around and take the lotion from her.
I grumbled and let her attend me. It was a long and arduous task, oiling my wing skin, but she seemed just fine with it. Eventually, when I relaxed long enough to figure out that she was tender enough to make the nerves on my wings sing in pleasure, I gave myself over to her ministrations. " And while you're at it, do my back as well, and my shoulders and neck?" I asked, knowing that she was going to laugh.
She did indeed laugh, but when she was done with my wings, a half an hour later, she did indeed start on my back, soothing away knots and hurts that I didn't even know I'd had, because I had had them for so long. Her hands were wonderful, kneading my skin and muscles until they felt real again. I hadn't realized that I was now laying down completely on my side as she lay behind me, stroking my shoulders and the edges of the wings where they grew out of my shoulders.
" I never thought that I would find an angel in this city." She said, quietly.
I just hoped that she didn't start confessing her whole life sins to me, because I didn't think I wanted to hear them right now, and really, I couldn't do anything about them anyway. She didn't, merely rested her head on my shoulder.
" I can't believe he's dead." Kyria said, her voice full of regret. " I never got to tell him things, like how I knew he loved me, but I never said I love you back to him because I was afraid. I never told him how cute he looked in the morning, his hair all ruffled up and his eyes still sleep filled. I wish-"
Her body heaved with a sigh that came close to being a sob, but it wasn't. I felt her pain, her emotional pain, and so I knew that she was holding everything in so as not to loose face in front of me. I wanted her to cry, in some strange way, so I would stop being plagued by these emotions that were not mine. But I didn't, because as caring as I thought myself to be, I didn't really like dealing with crying women. I turned over, something that was a bit hard, seeing as my wings were out, but it was something that I had done many times over the centuries I had been here. I looked deep in her eyes and knew that she had loved Will, but she had never really been happy with him because he had wanted to keep them being together in the dark, and she wanted it out in the open.
I liked her. She was beautiful, and she had a rather nice body, a good head on her shoulders. Plus, her apartment was much bigger than mine, and warmer, with a shower that worked and an extra bedroom... In my thoughts, I had not felt her hands, her body, pressed up against me. Her towel had not slipped, but it was not a big towel either. It covered her from chest to mid thigh, and even then it struggled to cover her chest and still not display her unmentionables to the world. So there was a lot of her skin touching my skin, and to tell the truth, I didn't not like it.
" Kyria-" I placed my hand on her own, which was resting on my hip, fumbling with the flap that kept my towel around my waist. " I don't know what you want, but I can tell you right now, that what this action is asking is not what you are really wanting."
She smiled up at me, something that I noticed she did a lot. She must have found me just as attractive as I did, but still, you don't do this on a first date, if you could call this a date. I wasn't. " I don't mean anything like that, I just want to feel someone's skin against mine. It comforts me." She looked away, bashful in admitting this. " Will and I slept naked in the same bed for seven months. I don't think I'd be able to get to sleep tonight if..."
I was willing to do it, but still, five hundred years of temptation and pushing down feelings.... I didn't want to risk hurting her, because ex- angel or not, I still had strength rising above any human in the world possessed. If I lost control, I might hurt her, break something. I didn't want to- I wasn't going to risk it.
" I'll sleep with you tonight." I said, realizing that a better pick of words would have sounded better. " But not naked. You'll have to be in something, and I want some kind of pants. I don't sleep with a shirt on. My wings don't like it."
She nodded, carefully getting off the bed and going to the black dresser that stood by the door. The top drawer was a medley of colors, and she pulled out a pair of bright orange surfing shorts, throwing them at me. " My mother always buys me things that are too big. She still thinks I'm like my sister, breeding at every chance she has." Kyria smiled and closed that drawer, pulling out the lowest one and taking out a small green satin nighty thing.
I don't think it was a nighty so much as a swath of fabric with straps. It had a pair of matching undies that she pulled out a second later and dropped the towel to put on.
" So you'll watch me dress, but you won't sleep naked?" Kyria asked in half anger, half wryly.
I shrugged, appreciating her body as she slid the green undies up her legs and adjusted them to the way she wanted on her hips, then put on the nighty, her breasts making the fabric stretch across the top. " Just think of it as payback, and a compliment."
Kyria nodded and crawled back onto the bed. " Aren't you going to put those on?" She asked archly, and I nodded, feeling quite soggy because my hair was still wet from the shower. I walked into her bathroom, dried off what was left to dry off, and put the shorts on.
They weren't too bad, only an unfortunate color of orange. I walked back out to the bedroom and caught sight of the clock on the bedside table. It was already three in the morning. Damn. Kyria was already under the covers, a soft grey comforter and white sheets. It wasn't until I slipped in beside her that I saw that the bed matched the room, grey walls and a white ceiling, with dove grey curtains. She was quite the little decorator.

Kyria turned to me, not asleep yet, just getting comfortable. " I'm sorry to have dragged you into all of this." She sounded truly sad, and her eyes did not lie to me. No humans eyes could, nor their hearts.
" No, I'm glad you did." I said, my smile warm and encompassing. I thought back to myself. I had gotten a shower, a peepshow, and a warm bed to sleep in. Maybe, if she was going to be nice to me in the morning, she'd make me breakfast too. I sighed and slipped an arm around her, knowing what she wanted.
She wanted to be held, to feel skin against skin, to hear someone's heartbeat as she drifted off to sleep. I suppose it was what anyone would want, but her, she needed it. Her hair was still wet, underneath all the dry hair, and she smelled of roses and silk. I didn't know how long it had been since I had a woman in my bed, and then thought about it and figured that it must have been before I was made an angel, and it had been my own sweet wife. She flung an arm over my waist, and I, thinking that it was no harm done, wrapped my own arm around her waist and drew her to me so that our bodies touched in one sweet line against the other.
She sighed, smiling up at me one last time, and then closed her eyes, her head resting on my shoulder and my nose buried in her hair, wrapped around each other. It was a strange thing, considering I had met her but two hours ago, and yet it felt just and right. I followed her lead and closed my eyes, relaxing my body, and spreading one wing over us as I often did at night. Soon I too was asleep.