I Heard

In the silence of the words you never say

I heard you loud and clear.

I stood with my back against the sun

You stood with a hand in your pocket

Your eyes never met mine

But they didn't need to.

I had loved you for so long

But you had never taken any notice.

Pain laced through me as I felt your free hand

It tightened around my heart

I closed my eyes to prevent the tears

Tears are a weakness and I cannot show that.

I'm the strong one. The rock everyone can turn to.

But who do I have to turn to?

I spin to look behind me

But all that is there is air

Turning again now the tears come

You're not there.

Alone…being alone…my greatest fear

And yet you have left me.

Wiping my tears away

I turn, walking away carrying the pieces that are still there

The sun tries to give it's strength

But I push it away preferring to accept the cold harsh reality.

In the silence of the words you never said

I heard you loud and clear.