A week later, she returned with her husband, her prince, to her parents' house. There she was not welcomed warmly, for they had not heard of her new husband.
Mother, father, I've returned with a husband. And it is not Calvin, he has been jailed.
The father's face reddened. I refuse to accept you as my daughter. The mother agreed.
Perhaps the prince will persuade you. James? Would you like to meet my parents?
Prince... Prince James? Of the kingdom? the mother stuttered.
Yes. I vowed to return home when I was married, and only then, and when I was quite happily so. You see, I don't need your help in finding a husband. I got me a fine one all on my lonesome. She kissed her husband as he approached them all.
You are welcome in the castle whenever you wish, the prince informed them.
I just hope we receive the same welcome here, the princess said, nuzzling her husband. But now we must be getting back. It was quite nice seeing you again.
A pleasure! Come back any time! the mother called out to the royalty.
Have a nice trip back! the father called, and they were both happy because they only really wanted her happiness, and Calvin, he WAS rich...
Well, she did well, the mother told her husband.
Yes she did, the man replied, and he looked across the fields, where he could make out a road.
A magical road. A road that would grant any good man- or woman!- whatever they desired. He smiled.
His only wish was so his children would live happily and marry well. And this they did.

And Marie- excuse me, PRINCESS Marie, well, she and Prince James- excuse me, Jimmy-

Oh never mined. They lived happily ever after.

The end.

Well, not really. The started a family, of course. But they loved each other always.
And it definitely is not the end for Krista. Her life is really quite interesting. I should tell you her tale sometime, eh?

But for now, it's the end. For this specific story, it's the end.


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